1.4 million die due to coronavirus to increase the number of tuberculosis cases

Studies show that due to the fact that all attention is focused on the coronavirus, undiagnosed and untreated cases of tuberculosis will result in the death of 1.4 million people. About it writes The Guardian.

Умрут 1,4 млн: из-за коронавируса увеличится число заболеваний туберкулезом

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Head of global partnership in combating tuberculosis (TB) said that according to research, millions of people are expected to develop TB disease as a result of restrictions due Covid-19.

It is projected that in 2025 tuberculosis will become infected with another 6.3 million people, and it is expected that another 1.4 million people will die, because the cases have not been diagnosed, but many patients do not receive treatment during the quarantine due to the coronavirus. It takes a global effort to combat tuberculosis for five to eight years.

“The fact that we have returned to the indicators of 2013, and we have so many people dying, it’s frustrating,’ said Lusica of Ditiu, Executive Director of Partnerstva “Stop TB”. — I resent the fact that we are just unable to control what we do, forgetting about existing programs, we lose so much, the people perish.”

Currently there are no vaccines against tuberculosis for adults only and one for children.

“Tuberculosis has existed for thousands of years, said Ditiu. Within 100 years we had a vaccine, and we have two or three potential vaccines in development. We need about half a billion people to make a vaccine by 2027, but, unfortunately, about 180 days nothing has been done”.

Researchers are trying to develop a vaccine against Covid-19. It now stands on the agenda, but do not forget about other diseases. “We have no vaccines against tuberculosis, we have no HIV vaccine, we have no vaccine against malaria, and out of this TB is the oldest. So why such a reaction to the coronavirus?”

The study was commissioned by the Partnership “Stop TB” in cooperation with Imperial College London, Avenir Health and Johns Hopkins University. The results were simulated on the basis of data obtained as a result of rapid assessments of the spread of coronavirus in the countries with the highest incidence of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis kills 1.5 million people a year, more than any other infectious disease.

In the last few years have seen a steady decline in the number of cases as a result of expansion of services for treatment of the disease and prevent its spread.

Five years ago, world leaders pledged to put an end to the TB epidemic by 2030. At the meeting, in 2018, they promised to expand retaliatory measures, including a doubling of funding by 2022.



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