$1.5 million: man accidentally bought a 28 Tesla

Tesla cars have gained huge popularity among fans worldwide. It is not surprising that those with sufficient financial resources, often have a car in your garage, but even the richest of them never bought 28 units at a time. However, this is exactly what accident did the German – he bought 28 cars when planning to buy only one. This writes the Hindustantimes.

$1,5 млн: мужчина случайно купил 28 электромобилей Tesla

Photo: Shutterstock

According to a post on Reddit, this man spent 1.4 million euros ($545 1 581) 28 Tesla. The post was written by the son of the man who explained how a technical glitch on the website of Tesla led to huge losses.

Further, the report stresses that this man wanted to replace his old Ford Kuga brand new Tesla model 3. His decision was also supported by a variety of offers and incentives available in Germany for purchase of electric vehicles. Fill in all the online documents and adding the desired options, the customer pressed the “Confirm” button, but received no message. So he pressed the button a few times for some time, obviously, “buying” a new unit with each click. A total of 28 clicks meant 28 purchases, with the final amount of the order reached incredible amounts.

Despite the fact that Tesla does not offer refunds for such errors, the company decided to make an exception after this man contacted her. In addition, 2 800 euros ($162 3) contributions — 100 euros ($112,95) for the car — was also returned.

Due to the fact that automakers are now reinforcing the online sales channels in pandemic COVID-19, technology has come to the aid of both producers and potential customers. But with any technology, as can be seen, can have disadvantages.