$1 million scholarships: sisters from Wisconsin received nearly 40 colleges each

A pair of twin sisters from Milwaukee (United Wicsonsin) received offers of scholarships totaling more than $1 million from nearly 40 different colleges did the sisters. About it writes the People.

$1 млн стипендий: сестры из Висконсина поступили почти в 40 колледжей каждая

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Ariel and Arianna Williams, thanks to his intelligence and hard work have been adopted in 38 different colleges each.

“We have always been diligent students in the school,” said Ariel.

Arianna added: “We never wanted to do something normal. We always wanted to go further and do more.”

Identical twins will soon finish University Academy Dr. Howard fuller with distinction in first and second place, but that doesn’t mean they are competing.

“Frankly, we had 2 options, either I come first, or my sister, so I think that any of us agree with this,” said Arianna.

Among the dozens of colleges that enrolled girls, was a HAMPTON University and Benedict College, the latter gave them full coverage of the training. In the end they decided to stay close to home in Marquette University in Milwaukee, where the autumn will begin to study nursing.

“The training is pretty much covered. We took in the EOP program (educational opportunities) and directly into the nursing program,” said Arianna.

Dr. Howard fuller, Director of the University Academy Judith Parker, said that the Williams sisters have filed a “stunning” example for others for four years of schooling.

“We can be proud of their choice and their ability to be able to continue to enjoy, even in the face of obstacles, said Parker. — They traveled, organized public works, met with Michelle Obama and represented our school within our walls and throughout the city. We are proud of them and all the class of 2020 and look forward to the next Chapter in their lives when they go to College.”

As for the lessons they have learned, Arianna said that it is better to stay focused no matter what obstacles come your way.

“Sometimes you can fail. You should be able to accept their failures, she said. Just become stronger, do more. Always have to do everything”.