10 apparently lucrative deals that actually are fraud

Be attentive to these common tricks that can ultimately cost you dearly.

10 кажущихся выгодными сделок, которые на самом деле являются мошенничеством

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We all know the old mantra about things that seem too good to be true. It follows that if you are faced with a “bargain” or the possibility that you suspiciously hard to believe, you have to be careful. Many people lose money when conducted on transactions that are fraudulent or, at least, are more expensive than they expect.


Who doesn’t love winning a prize? Very interesting to get an email notification that you have won a contest or sweepstakes. Then, in your excitement, you can not think, did you participate at all in this competition. Fake notifications about payouts often come with a catch, usually in the form of some fee that you must pay to receive your “prize”. It right you should be alerted. Legitimate contests do not require money from the winners, according to Fraud.org.


Timeshares, perhaps, one of the most famous “opportunities” that are often costly financial mistake. While on vacation, you are lured with promises of free accommodation in a hotel or other enticing prize with the representation that you just need to visit the “information session” — no conditions. Instead, you will be a hard sale, intended to harrass you until you sign the dotted line.

If you find that you have an unwanted timeshare you want to unload, then you are vulnerable for another type of timeshare fraud: timeshare Resellers. The FTC charged the operators of the scheme Resellers of timeshares, which are becoming more common, as more and more people desperately seeking a way out of their obligations under the timeshare.

Travel club discounts

Discount clubs travel — sometimes known as clubs for recreation — often use aggressive sales tactics, similar to those found with timeshares, and are often targeted at retirees. The club promises great discounts and special insider offers, but customers usually get the same typical offers discounts that you can easily find online for free. Florida and other States are struggling with leisure clubs, who are accused of fraud and unfair sales tactic.

Car warranty from shady operators

Many of us have received letters or phone calls, which often seems to imply that they obtained from the dealer or car manufacturer, warning us that the warranty on our car expiring or that we lack some important coverage. Calls come from telemarketers that sell fragile maintenance plans that cover almost nothing and in many cases, these calls are just gimmicks to obtain your personal information for possible fraud or identity theft. The FCC released a warning to beware of these fraudulent guarantees.

Extended warranty

It seems that almost everything you can buy these days — from vacuum cleaners to video game systems — comes with an extended warranty or a service plan / protection offered for an additional fee. They bring a lot of money sellers and manufacturers who offer them, in part because a relatively small number of consumers ultimately served the claims to take advantage of them.

Often have to pass several barriers, for example, to deliver the goods to an authorised store which can be not available near you, or send it to a repair center. Or the term extended warranty expires before the object will break. According to reports from consumers, these extended warranties are almost never worth the money.

Free trial

The places that offer a free trial (or low-cost introductory offer), guarantee you that you can cancel them before paying, but often, when you try to do it in front of you so many obstacles that you are disappointed. Here’s what to expect these companies. They like to simplify things to reduce the likelihood that you will be able to navigate the process successfully to complete the purchase. They also know that probably you will completely forget when the trial expires, so you miss your chance.


You can get everything from washing machines to furniture for the living room, on the terms of the lease. The lure is the opportunity to get the desired things, even if you have some money. In the short term it sounds like a good deal, if you have limited funds. But it will cost you dearly. Stores hope that you will calculate how much you will spend. In Consumer Reports noted that the final amount will often be at least twice the value of the object.

Payday loans

According to this loans website, loans until payday are represented in the form of short-term loans. But many borrowers end up “prolong” the loan, paying an additional fee for the renewal of a loan, often repeating the cycle again and again.

The problem with payday loans astronomical interest rates. In addition, over time, borrowers usually incur additional fees. Even worse, currently there are many web companies who provide loans for the payment of salaries through the Internet that allows people to quickly get the credit without a thorough study of the conditions and costs.

Credit ratings

This is another type of fraud, which often target people in the most desperate situation. They promise not only to clean up your credit report, but to make negative information disappear like magic, even if it is accurate. Some particularly brazen scammers will even claim that they can create for you a completely new financial identity with a new social security number or tax identification number. The truth is that if your credit report, you can delete something, for example, incorrect positions, you can easily to take care of yourself, without spending a dime.