10 best and worst U.S. cities for those who care about their health

Place of residence matters when it comes to health. Life in some US cities contributes to well-being through access to quality foods and vacation spots. Other authorities seek to make healthcare costs affordable for everyone or maintains a clean and well-kept parks, says WalletHub.

10 лучших и худших городов США для тех, кто заботится о своем здоровье

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When the city does not care about these issues, its residents can be difficult to maintain good health. In the end, the cost of health care in the U.S. is growing, and life expectancy is reduced. Besides, the Internet has so many sources of medical advice that is difficult to understand, which helps to maintain health, and that can hurt.

To determine which cities are put in the forefront the well-being of residents, WalletHub compared the more than 170 of the most populated cities in the U.S. for 43 key indicators of good health. The data set varies from the cost of visiting the doctor, from the consumption of fruits and vegetables — fitness clubs per capita.

10 most “healthy” places to live in the United States:

  • San Francisco, CA (General health index 73,99)
  • Seattle, WA (70,62)
  • San Diego, CA (70,01)
  • Portland, Oregon (65,66)
  • Washington, D.C. (63,87)
  • New York, NY (Of 62.89)
  • Denver, Co (62,10)
  • Irvine, CA (62,08)
  • Scottsdale, AZ (61,14)
  • Chicago, Il (60,81)

10 cities with the average:

  • Los Angeles, CA (60,48)
  • Boston, MA (58,83)
  • Philadelphia, PA (53,85)
  • Miami, FL (53,59)
  • Las Vegas, NV (50,60)
  • Houston, TX (46,76)
  • Jersey City, New Jersey (Of 43.54)
  • New Orleans, La (42,24)
  • Cleveland, Oh (39,62)
  • Newark, NJ (35,02)

10 most “unhealthy” places of America:

  • Detroit, Mi (32,01)
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas (Work At 31.90)
  • Augusta, GA (31,37)
  • Huntington, WV (30,17)
  • Montgomery, Al (29,78)
  • Memphis, Tn (29,64)
  • Shreveport, La (27,42)
  • Gulfport, MS (24,82)
  • Laredo, TX (24,06)
  • Brownsville, TX (21,41)

Full list of cities here.



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