10 goods that are not worth buying on Amazon

Amazon has simplified the ability to order anything and have it delivered to the door. But the fact that you can buy something on Amazon, doesn’t mean you should do it. This writes the Money Talks News.

10 товаров, которые не стоит покупать на Amazon

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What not to buy on Amazon

1. Signature products Kirkland

When you buy products under the name Kirkland on Amazon, you buy from a third party reseller, since Costco does not sell its products under private label on Amazon. Costco says on its website that “Costco.com will not be responsible for goods as soon as they are signed and approved third-party organization.”

In addition, since the products on Amazon Kirkland went through third-party intermediaries, it is possible that some of these products may be counterfeit or expired. Analysis for 2019 also showed that the products on Amazon Kirkland usually are more expensive.

If you have a Costco near you, consider shopping there. Many products also available to order Costco.com and can be delivered to your home.

2. Additional products to the order that you do not need

Amazon offers so-called “soft goods” — the goods at a low price, but available for purchase only if your order is at least $25.

While many of these goods are excellent suggestions, in the end you will spend money to save money — which is never a good idea — if you buy a product that you don’t need.

3. Goods Trader Joe’s

Goods Trader Joe’s sold on Amazon, may have a high mark-up compared to shopping in the store. They are sold by third party sellers who can sell damaged, expired or even counterfeit products.

A representative of Trader Joe’s said, “We do not allow to resell our products and cannot guarantee the quality, safety or value of any product Trader Joe’s sold outside of our store.”

4. Paper towels

It’s easy to assume that household items such as paper towels, cheaper on Amazon. However, the managing editor of Money Talks News Charles Boucher takes a different point of view: “Every time I compared prices per square foot, paper towels Costco Kirkland was cheaper than even its own brand of paper towels Amazon (Solimo and Presto).

You can also find cheaper paper towels in stores such as Walmart.

5. Products Ikea

Since the location of the Ikea stores can be inconvenient, it is tempting to order their groceries online through Amazon. But Ikea no longer sells products online through Amazon, so everything you see on Amazon comes from third-party sellers.

Ikea offers many of their products online. You will pay at least $5 for shipping, but you will know that what you get is new and genuine item Ikea.

6. Non-standard accessories for Apple devices

Accessories for Apple devices are not cheap, so tempting to go on Amazon and look for versions from other manufacturers. But, for example, the charger can damage the motherboard of your iPhone, which is not so easy and cheap to fix.

The geniuses at Apple can’t help — they will not be able to repair the motherboard. So if you don’t want to buy Navy phone, you have to go to an independent repair shop that offers services micropic. They are the only ones who can revive distorted the motherboard. Of course? it is much easier to avoid tampered with chargers.

7. Almost everything else is cheaper elsewhere

Don’t think that Amazon is the best price for everything. At least compare the purchase in other online stores before clicking the “buy”button.

Prices on Amazon fluctuate, so something might be cheaper one day and more the next. But the free apps like CamelCamelCamel, I can tell you how the price of a certain item has varied over time, which gives you an idea on whether the current price at Amazon best.

8. Fresh food

If you order food through AmazonFresh service shipping and receiving Amazon products — quality fresh ingredients may vary. You rely on the buyer, who will choose products for you, so you may not get what you want.

On the other hand, when you go to the local store, you can choose the products, ensuring that you get the required quality

9. Something with reviews that you have not tested

You will find what seems like a great product at an even better price and all the reviews are good. This is an automatic buy, right? Do not have. In the past Amazon had problems with fake reviews, so you can’t take Amazon reviews as gospel.

Fortunately, free tools like Fakespot and ReviewMeta can help, giving you an idea of how reliable feedback about a particular subject.

10. Designer items sold by third parties

While some designers sell their products through Amazon, many of them you will find from a third party. Therefore, it is important to carefully examine each list to ensure that the product you purchase is sold by the company or an authorized reseller.

When purchasing through a third party seller that is not an authorized reseller, it is impossible to verify the authenticity of what you get.