10 life hacks for colds

Short summer ended, and autumn came, as it usually happens in our latitude, quite unexpectedly. A drastic change of weather brings with it an almost inevitable symptoms of seasonal colds. As you know, if SARS has entered into its rights, then, provided the treatment, it will take place over a week, and without it – in seven days. And yet knowing some simple rules will help you better withstand disease and recover from it.

10 лайфхаков при простуде

Take a sick day!

Believe me, no one will say thank you if you infect a dozen employees (and incidentally a few hundred people on the way to work and back). The same applies to children. No marks, important topics of control or the Olympics are not worth the health! Therefore, when the first symptoms of SARS, contact your doctor and follow his appointment.

Not peregrinates!

Contrary to popular belief, during respiratory disease should not increase the temperature of the environment. Bacteria and viruses multiply much faster when living in high temperatures – above +22°C. for no more than five minutes every hour and a half to open the window to significantly reduce the number of potentially dangerous microorganisms.

Moisturize the air

About the need to ventilate the room where the sick person to know everything, and that the air in the room of the patient it is necessary to humidify, say much less. But in a humid environment, the microorganisms multiply more slowly than in dry. Accordingly, moistened air – reduced the number of bacteria. And for this purpose suitable conventional Bank even with the water near the battery in the room.

Decontaminate your air

For this suit as special devices (like ionizers, quartz lamps, blue), and aromatic oils. Juniper, lemon, grapefruit and some other plant components are isolated in air bactericidal substances. Enough to pour a few drops of the oil in the bowl of an oil burner, heat it with a candle-“pills” to fight for your health involved natural forces of nature.

Gargle, wash nose

The goal is the same – to destroy the actively proliferating in the mucous membranes of nose and throat microorganisms. Spoon of salt, spoon of baking soda, a few drops of iodine, a decoction of chamomile or sage will help for some time to decontaminate the respiratory tract. But, as with any treatment, there are important regularity: the frequency of rinsing and flushing of the sinuses should be the same, the intervals between them – no more than two hours.

The emphasis on natural

To counter disease the body needs the intake of natural vitamins. For this reason, it is recommended to not drink just tea and lemon tea, various herbal teas and fruit drinks containing a high concentration of vitamin C. But, to efficiently support the require, and other substances. For example, a powerful anti-inflammatory effect has gamma-linoleic acid. The champion of its content is black currant.

Drink plenty of fluids

This is probably known to all. Liquid is really needed by the body. But do not think that the higher the temperature of the drink, the better the effect. Trying to swallow the boiling water, you will only get burn the mucous membrane, making it permeable to microbes. Drinking during illness should be comfortably warm, and moderately abundant – half to two liters a day. So you can avoid unnecessary strain on the heart and kidneys, which are working in emergency mode.

Sleep is the best doctor

Do not deny yourself the “pleasure” to sleep an extra hour. During sleep aktiviziruyutsya protective forces of an organism, the process of resistance to the attack of germs happens more actively.

Moderation in eating

Do not overload the stomach. All the reserves of the body during colds spends on the answer to the “aggressor” – pathogens. Enter in the diet of easily digestible foods: chicken broth, fatty fish, white meat poultry, etc.

Strengthening the immune system
At occurrence of first signs of disease start to use the nasal spray Timogen. Its constituent components activate the body’s defenses, helping it easier to transfer disease. The spray format allows you to quickly deliver the active substance in the blood and strengthen the natural immune response. If you start to use Timogen as a preventive measure before the onset of the disease, you may be able to do to bypass the myths and reefs of seasonal colds. After all, if you have a reliable protection, not that it is inevitable.