10 major causes of heart attack

Often a heart attack in humans appears random and sudden phenomenon, but doctors say that for a number of reasons for the disease as it is predictable. Stress, high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight, lack of exercise: have a heart attack there are at least ten main culprits.

10 основных причин сердечного приступа

Smoking. According to the German society of cardiology, Smoking is considered the most important risk factor for early heart attack: studies show that more than three quarters of patients with heart attack Smoking before the age of 55 years.

Excess weight and obesity. Directly to heart attack they are not affected, but is closely associated with the following risk factors to get heart attack.

High blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is a disease of the cardiovascular system, from which people often suffer, not knowing it. Hypertension heart is constantly overwhelmed. As a result, when untreated, it simply does not stand up.

Diabetes. Elevated levels of glucose in the blood, such as those that cause type 1 and type 2 permanently hurt the arteries. This can lead to numerous complications, including cardiovascular disease. In women diabetes is a significant risk factor for heart attack than men.

Lack of exercise. According to a study conducted by the British journal of sports medicine, in women 30 years and older physical inactivity is the most important risk factor for heart attacks. According to who, daily 20 minutes of moderate exercises such as Cycling or walking may be enough to reduce the risk of heart attack.

Stress (distress). Health and heart harmful long-term stress: it contributes to high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Psoriasis. Severe psoriasis resistant means the body’s inflammatory response, which eventually causes cardiovascular damage.

Elevated levels of lipids in the blood. In terms of nutrition, rich in animal fats, increased levels of cholesterol or triglycerides. If the body is no longer able to fully break down fats, they are deposited in the form of so-called plaques in the walls of blood vessels. Clogging the blood vessels, they lead to the appearance of atherosclerosis.

Atherosclerosis. It is estimated by physicians as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Constricted blood vessels cause poor circulation which can be life-threatening if it occurs in the brain and heart. Results in a stroke or heart attack.

Rheumatism also makes blood vessels and arteries prone to atherosclerosis. As in the case of psoriasis, are caused by permanent inflammatory processes that contribute to the deposition of cholesterol components on the walls of blood vessels.

Age. Menopause and age are all factors increased the risk of heart attack, which, unfortunately, can not be affected.

High risk of developing cardiovascular disease is when heart attacks, strokes or bypass surgery has already occurred in family members of the first degree.