10 of the craziest things that happened on planes in 2019

It’s been a crazy year for air travel, as many passengers of commercial airlines hit the headlines for their shocking, strange or even overtly vulgar behavior. This writes Fox News.

10 самых сумасшедших вещей, случившихся на самолетах в 2019 году

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As millions of travelers fly daily around the world, the chances of weird and wild events on the plane seems inevitable. The craziest things people have done in the aircraft in 2019.

  1. Men went on Board with the “falcons of emotional support”

In April in social networks is widely spread a video of how two men get on your flight “falcons of emotional support.”

Dear birds, which were hardly real animals support, made of Twitter users talking about the popularity of falconry in some parts of the world, especially in the middle East.

  1. The passenger left the aircraft engine coins for good luck

Passengers departing from international airport Wuhan-Tianhe (China) were probably annoyed when one of their fellow travelers threw coins for good luck into the engine of the plane and delayed the departure.

The video of the incident from the CCTV footage it was seen as a man throws coins. Three coins of 1 yuan was later found on the ground near the engine.

The man told police that his mother-in-law insisted that he made a superstitious act for a good flight because it was the first time her daughter had flown. According to reports, he was detained for 10 days for endangering the safety of passengers on Board.

  1. Shaving the head during the flight

The bald man started to shave your head electric razor in the chair in business class. His behavior was widely publicized, and even created a Instagram account called @PassengerShaming

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  1. The passenger put a bare foot to the face of the child on the plane

Babies and bare feet are the two things that most people hates in the plane, but one passenger made the situation worse when he put his bare toes in the gap between the seats in front of him — dangerously close to the face of the child of another passenger.

“Pour water over that nasty leg!” — said one of the commentators in social networks.

“Dude’s gonna miss his toes, if his leg be so close to the face of my child,” warned another.

  1. The pair closed in the airplane bathroom

The pair got out of the airplane bathroom after a few minutes of being together in a confined space.

Several passengers are already lining up, and judging by their reactions, not all were happy to know why they waited so long.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes… I’ve heard of that happening, but never thought that I’d see it in real life,” commented the stage the U.S. Olympic player in beach volleyball Stafford slick.

  1. The passenger American Airlines burst blister, splashing blood on nearby passengers

During the flight the passenger had burst the huge blister, it spattered with the blood of two people the book and the plane itself.

After landing in Florida, the plane was met by emergency services Miami-Dade County. Passenger also shared a video of the “great” flight attendants, patiently explaining the subsequent actions of the woman whose bubble burst, and the two men splattered with blood.

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  1. The passenger of the plane opened the emergency exit to “get some fresh air”

One passenger, Xiamen Airlines delayed the departure by one hour. She decided that the cabin is very stuffy, and I opened spare exit door of the plane to make a “breath of fresh air”.

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  1. Aubrey O’day claimed that a flight attendant forced her to remove the shirt

Singer Aubrey O’day has provoked a flurry of comments in social networks when it stated that the flight attendant American Airlines forced her to take off your shirt “in front of the whole plane.”

According to O’day, the shirt from the famous designer was written “f — k” and nothing wrong with that.

  1. The woman boarded a flight Delta no ID or boarding pass

In October, the woman managed to get on a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta without ID or boarding pass.

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  1. Drunken passenger, Spirit Airlines pulled the hair Wome

The woman that was flying Spirit Airlines from Chicago to Baltimore soon after landing got an unpleasant surprise when a drunk passenger threw up on her hair.

According to the witness, the man pulled the woman’s hair soon after boarding.

Fortunately, a drunk passenger escorted from the plane, but, unfortunately, everyone else too. The plane had to re-clear to prepare for takeoff.

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Worth mentioning: naked man tried to Board a flight in Moscow airport

Although it happened at the airport, and not in a plane, this case deserves mention.

A traveler, passing through Moscow Domodedovo airport, said that it is more “aerodynamic”, being naked, then he took off his clothes and tried to Board a flight of the airline “Ural airlines” in the Crimea.

According to reports, the man passed through security at Domodedovo, fully dressed before you undress from the arrival to the departure gate. Fortunately, the airport staff caught this man before he managed to get on Board.