10 products that meet the needs of hair during autumn and winter

The autumn-winter period affects the condition of the hair: they lose volume and strength fade and become unhealthy and prone to hair loss. Hair at this time of year require certain nutrients to stay strong and beautiful. Look for them in familiar products

10 продуктов, в которых нуждаются волосы осенью и зимой

Beta-carotene:pumpkin and carrots. This precursor to vitamin A important for creating new cells. Vitamin a makes the skin elastic and supports the growth of new, strong hair. Beta-carotene rich carrots and pumpkin.

Zinc: lentils. Zinc affects the formation of creatine. It is the main component of hair and nails. In the case of zinc deficiency, the hair falls out, nails become brittle. A lot of zinc not only in lentils, and other legumes.

Biotin: milk and oatmeal. Vitamin B7, more commonly known as Biotin, strengthens hair structure, and promotes their growth. Also it improves nail structure and appearance of the skin. Good suppliers of Biotin, in addition to milk and oatmeal are also eggs.

Omega-3 fatty acids: oily fish. These fatty acids cause hair growth: without omega-3, the hair becomes dull and brittle. In addition, fatty acids improve the condition of the scalp. Look for them in salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines.

Iron: eggs and meat. This mineral is important for oxygenation of the hair roots. If the body lacks iron, hair stop growing and fall out. Incidentally, iron deficiency is the main cause of hair loss in women.

Manganese: spinach. This trace mineral is important for the absorption of b vitamins and affects the hair pigmentation, hair growth and strength. With manganese deficiency, the hair becomes gray early, hair growth slows down. A lot of manganese contain green leafy vegetables such as spinach as well as nuts and whole grains.

Vitamin E: nuts. Vitamin E is not one vitamin, but a group like b vitamins, E-vitamins are highly effective antioxidants that protect our cells, and specifically support the health of the hair – the hair grow faster because of them.

Pantothenic acid: tomatoes.
Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 have a positive effect on hair growth and pigmentation. In case of deficiency of vitamin B5 hair turns gray and falls out. In addition to tomatoes, Pantothenic acid, full of oatmeal, rice, melon.

Vitamin B2: apricots. Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is essential for strong, shiny hair. At deficiency of vitamin B2 hair and nails become brittle, skin becomes rough. Source of Riboflavin, are not only apricots or dried apricots, and milk, wholemeal bread.