10 secrets of the Apple due to which people are willing to take crazy loans for a new model

In 2019 the Apple 9th time in a row topped the ranking of most valuable brands in the world by Forbes. Now the company is worth $ 205,5 billion, and Coca-Cola, for example, less than $ 60 billion 11 iPhone Presentation was held with the largest scale in history, the ceremony was aired on YouTube where it was watched by over 5 million people.

10 секретов Apple, благодаря которым люди готовы брать сумасшедшие кредиты ради новой модели

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What is the brand so attractive to buyers and why they are willing to take crazy loans just to get the new model with 3 cameras, offers deal Adme.ru.

Laziness of users is one of the main engines of trade for Apple

iPhone and MacBook is very simple to use because the average user of these devices are pretty lazy. He doesn’t want to download anything, to install and configure, so Apple is doing everything to “Apple” gadgets you can just pick up and use.

Users “hooked” on the simple functionality and obediently buy a new iPhone. And because Apple devices are not compatible with other operating systems (and to dig into the settings the user wants to), after iPhone it is likely to buy more and MacBook, the Apple Watch and the Air Pods.

iPhone becomes obsolete much faster than any other devices

When a new iPhone model, the Apple fans buy it, as it seems, for objective reasons. After all, they immediately begin to notice the shortcomings of their current device is slow to load Facebook, the screen does not have sufficient space for comfortable work, etc. In fact, users move 2 cause — marketing and psychological:

  • with the release of new devices usually comes a new version of iOS that is not compatible with the previous model. The user “brushes” and really notices that the device has to work less;
  • after the release of the new model, the user is subconsciously rather wanting to get it, begins to focus on the shortcomings of the device, and notice even that early it seemed to him insignificant. So he rationalizarea his desire to get a new iPhone.

The brand sells not products, but the history

Sales tactic Apple create the hype around every new smartphone. None of the brands of competitors are not satisfied with such large-scale presentations of their products. And “Apple” the ceremony is not primarily about the brand, but about the users. The company actively uses the possibilities of storytelling and creates narratives — stories about people who love Apple.

However, fires such tactics are not always. Users and the media expect every presented Apple device visible and understandable updates. When instead of the expected brand new iPhone 5 buyers offered 4s with minimal changes, sales fell significantly. Apple took into account the errors: the fact that triple camera became a meme, is the result of a deliberate trading strategy.

Any store brand tends to be similar to the glass cube on Fifth Avenue

The location of the Apple Store there are strict requirements: walking distance from transport hub, the most possible places, the best space in shopping centers. The design is based on Scandinavian minimalist style and only 3 material: stainless steel, natural wood and glass. Etalon — Central Apple Store glass cube on Fifth Avenue in new York.

Trading rooms at the Apple Store specifically, make half-empty

10 секретов Apple, благодаря которым люди готовы брать сумасшедшие кредиты ради новой модели

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Smartphones and laptops at the Apple Store so put “at ease” is no accident. Products should only occupy a quarter of the trading floor, the rest of the place is “space assistance and ideas.” Here is the Genius Bar — special area for consultations, staffed by “geniuses” at Apple. They must help buyers to forget about time, as much detail as possible and ask them about needs and in the end to purchase.

Simple cashiers here doesn’t come across as themselves offices. A card can be used from any member, officer, cash has a limit — usually about $ 250.

In the Apple Store you can hang out all day. For many Americans, everyday ritual is to run to the store to surf the Internet and check email. Therefore, the brand generates consumer loyalty.

Employees use the Apple approach: Approach, Probe, Present, Listen, End

To remember the order of interaction with the client, the employees use the mnemonics: come, find out needs, prezentuj the decision, listen to complete. First, the Apple employee Store to the customer, silently and with a friendly smile (the process should take no less than 10 seconds). Then specifies closed and open questions (“is This your first Mac?”, “How do you intend to use it?”).

After this is selected the decision — not the most expensive, and the most appropriate needs. But this is not the end: now the employee needs to hear from the customer again to ask about what he didn’t realize or forgot to mention. The perfect completion out on the deal, but quite and simple invitation to return.

Employees cannot tell customers where to find iPhone

Employees of the Apple Store you can’t tell the customer where the particular product. The company believes that their customers do not like to be told. Therefore, the employee should be as delicately and politely take the customer to the right stand.

There he helps the client to understand how the device works. Just telling is not enough to offer classes and One-to-One with “creativity”. Through lectures, the employees not only talk about the gadgets, but also photo processing, video editing, etc. by the Way, the master classes on these topics Apple sometimes holds free. Such events do not bring profit, but increase brand value.

Blue t-shirt was supposed to testify about the elitism of the store

10 секретов Apple, благодаря которым люди готовы брать сумасшедшие кредиты ради новой модели

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Apple equipment many consider to be an example of good design, but with fashion the brand was the problem. Steve jobs wore the same jeans and a turtleneck — can be, therefore, uniform employees received little attention. The first attempt to unify the form taken by the founder himself: he offered workers nylon jacket with detachable sleeves that turn them into vests. This idea of Steve jobs booed, fashion design was not staff like.

After that, employees began to wear a different shape depending on the season, upcoming holidays or the release of a new device. Only in 2015, Vice-President Angela Arends decided to standardize the clothing of the employees. She chose the blue color as an indication of the elitism of the store, and then shifted the white logo from the center to the left, to heart, and included in the lineup of t-shirts, Polo shirts and Longsleeves.

By the way, the clothes of employees of Apple ecofriendly — it is 10% recycled content.

Form employees used by criminals…

This branding has helped the thief out of the Apple Store on 19 iPhone — he just wore the same blue t-shirt, unnoticed, entered to the warehouse and it’s come out of there with a stack of boxes. And in 2011 China was covered with a network of 22 fake Apple stores. Employees also “assimilated” due to the blue shirts. By the way, some of them were sure that really work at Apple.

…So now the employees wear black

Perhaps because of this history and bad associations with the blue clothing company has rebranded, and now the shop floor staff wear minimalistic black or dark blue t-shirt or Polo with logo.

Getting a t-shirt by Apple — a solemn ritual and a part of the corporate culture of the brand. To find a job in the company really hard — just kidding, it’s harder than to go to Oxford. Therefore, when the employee passes through all the stages of the interview and gets the uniform, he was applauded. By the way, employees are prohibited to wear uniforms after hours.

The characters are constantly working on the MacBook, but Apple don’t pay for it

In 2011, Apple products appeared in 891 film, series and TV shows. Head of marketing service Phil Schiller confirmed that the company has an employee who works closely with Hollywood and promoting the products of the brand on the screens. Apple never paid for it, but the producers still shoot the “Apple” technique, without hiding the logos. Thanks to her, the characters look more premium, and the film looks “more expensive.”

As a gesture of goodwill and compromise from Apple filming an unlimited amount of its equipment that, given its cost, can also be considered a kind of cost.