10 simple products that protect from hemorrhoids

Water, beans, yogurt, oatmeal: these, and several other simple products help to prevent the increase of hemorrhoids, protect against its occurrence. According to doctors, the food in this case should provide prevention of constipation.

10 простых продуктов, защищающих от геморроя

Constipation increases the already existing hemorrhoids or contribute to education. Experts note that the usual cause of constipation is a diet low in fiber and too low level of physical activity. Constant medication stress may also contribute to constipation. Women face the problem of constipation more often than men.

Eating simple and affordable products can improve bowel function, to solve the problem of constipation and to protect themselves from a possible increase of hemorrhoids.

Water. Sufficient intake of water is very important to prevent constipation and sluggish digestion: enough to drink! Lack of fluids leads to hardening of feces, which complicates their passage in the intestine and increases the likelihood of inflammation in it.

Whole grain. Wholegrain varieties of cereals (wheat, spelt, rye) or rice contain vitamins and minerals and lots of fiber. These are mainly indigestible fibers that bind water and soften the stool.

Vegetable food. Constipation and hemorrhoids often occur in people who eat a lot of meat. Plant foods — fruits, vegetables, salads, variety of greens is necessary for normal digestion.

Legumes. Beans, peas, lentils, and corn is a rich source of fiber. Dietary fiber dietary fiber can make stool more bulky and at the same time loose, allowing the intestines to easily cope with the evacuation and protects against the appearance of hemorrhoids. It is recommended that men consume 38 grams of fiber a day for women – up to 25 grams.

Oatmeal and bran. Also provide the body with fiber. Due to the large number of dietary fiber of whole oats absorbs toxins and gently removes them. A similar effect give and wheat bran.

Flax seeds. Tablespoon of flax seeds a day works as an effective home remedy for constipation. Flax seeds contain lots of omega-3 fatty acids: on the one hand they soften the contents of the intestine, and on the other hand “grease” the intestines and facilitate the movement of its contents.

Dried fruits. Prunes, dates, apricots, figs in dried form is very effective in combating constipation and hemorrhoids: during the process of digestion they bind the water and make the stool soft. However, remember that fruits contain a lot of fructose. You need to always supervise their use.

Coffee. Coffee stimulates the nervous system, and with it digestion, intestinal peristalsis. Has a laxative effect.

Sauerkraut. Sauerkraut and the juice from it also have a laxative effect and thus prevent constipation. While it contains lactic culture, improving the intestinal microflora.

Apple cider vinegar.
A glass of water with one or two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar also has a stimulating effect on the bowels.