10 simple steps to better health

Maintaining good health is not always a Titanic work, changes for the better can be achieved through simple actions. How to make your lifestyle more healthy at no additional cost? Here’s what the experts advise.

10 простых шагов для улучшения здоровья

Step1: to stop counting calories. To protect against weight gain it is crucial not to count calories, but to control the consumption of processed and contain added sugar products.

Step 2: cook your own meals. Cooking is an optional activity and the best way to avoid consuming excessive amounts of undesirable substances contained in the dishes of fast food and processed foods. Thus, independent cooking serves as protection against excess weight.

Step 3: start your day with protein. Foods with high protein levels and inhibit the activity of ghrelin, the “hunger hormone”. Give preference to protein and not carbohydrate Breakfast, it is better helps to keep you feeling full until lunch and avoid unnecessary snacking.

Step 4: drink warm beverages. Warm liquid speeds up digestion and metabolism, stimulates the removal from the body wastes, improves blood circulation and eventually slows down the aging process. 20 minutes before meals is very helpful to drink a glass of warm tea or warm water.

Step 5: do not be distracted while eating. Give up the gadgets while eating, do not turn on the TV. Focus on the process of eating promotes better digestion of food and prevent numerous digestive problems. It also helps not to overeat and keep yourself in shape.

Step 6: spend more time on the street. The exit to the fresh air helps reduce stress, reduces headaches, promotes relaxation after sedentary work. Hiking is the optimal type of physical activity needed to maintain health.

Step 7: get out of the chair every hour. Holders of sedentary work should stand on feet and walk for 1-2 minutes after every hour spent sitting. Immobility for a long time is very dangerous for the circulatory system, the heart.

Step 8: relax from the Internet. Regular check social networks and email, mastering the abundance of information from the Network undermines the health of the nervous system, increases nervousness, provokes stress. Your brain and mind need time to rest and not to go to the Internet, for example, one day a week.

Step 9: sleep in complete darkness. Japanese scientists from Narsky medical University found: people who sleep in the room with the light, even very weak, eventually start to suffer from anxiety and stress. The light in the bedroom affect the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which can have a detrimental affect on the psyche.

Step 10: sleeping on a smooth pillowcases. It is better not to use a pillowcase made of coarse cloth during bedtime such clothes rubs against the skin and promotes the appearance of creases and wrinkles on its surface, and also increases the risk of inflammation and acne.