10 things not to keep in your purse

Otherwise you’re at risk for problems with money and health and even suddenly get pregnant, says “Lifehacker”.

10 вещей, которые не стоит хранить в кошельке

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1. PIN codes of Bank cards

The obvious advice, which is why some still don’t all follow. The PIN should not be in your wallet in any form — including written on a separate piece of paper, and even encrypted by using symbols found in the Internet.

Put yourself in the place of the person who finds a number of Bank cards with something even remotely resembling four figures. Don’t need to be a genius to understand what it is. So you can say good-bye.

2. Passwords

Usernames and passwords of important sites is also better to remember or at least not to keep in your purse that can be stolen. If attackers get access to your email, they will be able to change passwords in social networks and ask to borrow money from your friends or log into your e-wallet. All this is fraught with serious trouble.

3. All Bank cards

Imagine the situation: you stole my wallet which had all of your Bank card and had to block. To re-issue the Bank needs time. But to access money on your account, you will have to go to the cashier. In the offices of many financial institutions simply do not have, so will need to look for the branch where the money you can get cash. This extra trouble.

If at least one card is lying at home, you can always transfer her money through online banking.

4. All gift cards

After the holidays, gift cards can accumulate quite a lot. The first impulse is to put them in the purse, you suddenly find yourself next to the store. But if the wallet lost, to restore these cards will be impossible.

However, there is an exception: if the validity of the card are about to expire, put it in the wallet to use it as soon as possible.

5. Stash

The card is accepted almost everywhere, so there’s no reason to carry a large sum of money. Let’s say you withdrew the entire salary and put it in her purse. If it is stolen, you will never have anything to eat, pay utilities. Pleasant enough.

Better periodically report purse a small amount of cash, which is not so bad to lose.

6. Cash checks

It is a question of health. Powder, which is used for printing on thermal paper contains BPA — a toxic substance. And it is better not to communicate unless absolutely necessary: it affects the reproductive system, causes cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

7. Travel

If you lose your wallet along with travel, you simply will not be able to get to the house, and the money that you put on the transport map, will completely burn. This is especially true for those who pay for the travel directly for an extended period.

8. Documents

Usually thieves are not interested in documents. Often a passport or driver’s license even find on the doorstep of a police station or in the nearest trashcan. But you are missing the document’s nerves, as they will have to restore the payment of state duty.

9. Spare key

Usually in the purse you can find the data, which is easy to calculate the address. For example, the name of the map you can find in social networks. A little investigation and address in the pocket of cyber criminals. So don’t graciously offer them the apartment — the same one where the money is.

10. A condom

For boys a condom in my wallet, almost as a secondary sex characteristic, like the growth on his chin. If you are older, it is better to put it in a more appropriate place.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is a means of contraception must be stored in a cool, dry place and do not expose to friction. In the wallet such conditions create difficult. As a result, microcracks in the latex, which will reduce the level of protection to zero.