10 things we overpay more

The prices of some products several times higher than their cost. However, almost always have the option not to give too much, says “Lifehacker”.

10 вещей, за которые мы переплачиваем больше всего

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1. Popcorn in the cinema

The leader of the hit parade of overrated things. Just compare: a small Cup of popcorn in the cafe at the cinema costs about 200 rubles, in the supermarket, 100 grams of corn kernels with a vinaigrette, of which you make a mean bowl of crispy treats — about 50 rubles. By weight this same product will cost 10 rubles per 100 grams. Even if we assume that popcorn from the movie theater originally weighed the same 100 grams, obtained 20-fold margin.

How not to overpay

If you can’t chew for two hours, bring a snack with you. It can be as home cooked popcorn and useful carrot sticks or an Apple.

2. Wedding paraphernalia

If you at least once eyeing wedding products, you know how expensive they are. And in the majority of cases is unfounded. The price of bridesmaid dress and gown graduates may differ in two times, although the difference is only in color. The cost of the piece of tulle will be less than that of the same piece of fabric with the label “veil”, at least 10 times.

How not to overpay

This is the problem with asterisk, so as an alternative to “to do without the traditional wedding” is not suitable for everyone. Note non-specialized stores-white shoes one at a time from massmarket cheaper than from a Bridal shop, and probably will look more relevant. Many wedding items you can make with your own hands, unless of course they grow from the right place.

3. Bottled water

Tap water costs about 35 rubles per 1 thousand liters, the water in the bottle — 35 rubles for 1 liter. The difference is impressive.

How not to overpay

Install home water filter and bring it with you in a reusable bottle will save in the long run.

4. Clothes and shoes

In the low-price segment price and quality are most often directly linked. You can easily distinguish the shoes 1 from shoes for 10 thousand. However, between pairs of 10 and 100 thousand, the difference may not be so obvious. But one of them is a recognizable logo or the sole of a certain color.

There is no secret: buying branded items, you pay for the name, for expensive advertising, rent best areas for boutiques and so on. But not for the thing itself, and it is important to understand.

How not to overpay

Branded items can be discounted to buy on sale or in the drains, but of course they will not be from the latest collection. Another option is to become a supporter of sustainable consumption.

5. Printer cartridges

The printers are quite durable appliances, and there are practically no cases when the new model is built to turn. It is logical that the producers decided to make money not on the phone itself, and on the expenditure components. So do not be surprised, buying a cartridge at the price of the printer.

How not to overpay

There are a few simple ways to reduce the consumption of ink or toner when printing. For example, to adapt a web page for printing, eliminating all unnecessary elements.

6. Alcohol and cigarettes

Bad habits in most countries are struggling, artificially raising the price of alcohol and cigarettes.

How not to overpay

Drink less and quit Smoking. Though, because it is harmful not only for the wallet, but also for you.

7. The “healthy” food

Energy bar, which you took in the division with supposedly healthy food is more expensive than its chocolate counterpart. Although, if you carefully read on the label, you can find that and they have the same calories, fat and carbohydrates they contain about the same.

Similarly, things with yogurt with a high protein content, which is written in small letters that were compared only with other products of the same manufacturer.

How not to overpay

Cook healthy meals for yourself: so you do not save, and will be sure as part of another dish.

8. Paper books

Many people like the classical format books to leaves rustled and smelled of printer’s ink. For the pleasure you have to pay several times more than the electronic version.

How not to overpay

Install on your device convenient program to read and buy books in electronic version.

9. Flowers

Prices for bouquets not only depend on the type of flowers used in them. You pay the florist, rent and, of course, all the buds that will wither in waiting for a buyer.

How not to overpay

One hundred roses found in Instagram so often that have become commonplace. Do not want to pay — use your imagination and come up with another gift. Perhaps to save money and not work, but will not bite your elbows, carrying expensive bouquet in the trash in a week.

10. Salt

Salt, which can spoil the taste of the exquisite dishes is the sodium chloride (NaCl). The commercial benefits of the salt are not so much because it is very cheap. And appear on the counters salt with different additives, which is several times more expensive and the conviction of the producers, is much more useful. But there is one “but”: the more the product of foreign impurities, the less there actually NaCl.