10 ways to cope with high blood pressure without medication

High pressure holding for long time, increases the risk of heart attack, thrombosis and stroke. Meanwhile, to neutralize high blood pressure may in a natural way, without drugs.

10 способов справиться с повышенным давлением без лекарств

According to doctors, If your blood pressure in the long term corresponds to more than 140/90 is high blood pressure (hypertension), and people have to take some measures to achieve its reduction.

The easiest way is to use antihypertensives: ACE inhibitors, diuretics or beta-blockers. At the same time, Bernhard Kramer, Director of the Medical clinic V. University clinic of Mannheim and Chairman of the German hypertension League, said: even for very high blood pressure correction lifestyle can be a very effective measure for its reduction, allowing the hypertensive patients to reduce the amount of drugs used.

He recommends natural ways of treatment of hypertension, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Weight loss. Most people with high blood pressure are overweight. Four extra pounds can lead to an increase in numbers of pressure about 10 mm Hg. Accordingly, the loss of surplus will lead to the reduction.

The rejection of salt. If a person daily eats about 10 grams of salt is too much. Even those who do not have high blood pressure you should only take 5-6 grams of salt per day. High blood pressure, avoid salt and replace it with spices.

Easiest diet. Best for reducing high blood pressure is the diet containing a lot of vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products and whole grains – this food reduces the pressure by approximately 10 mm Hg.

Endurance training. These types of sports activities, like Jogging, riding Bicycle and swimming helps to lower blood pressure. 150 minutes of loading with easy perspiration during the week as a whole is very good for the heart. If you are looking for an e-bike, check out here for more options.

The beet juice. Beet juice has a mild hypotensive effect. Daily it is advisable to drink about a quarter of a liter.

Garlic. In traditional Chinese medicine, garlic is valued as a hypotensive agent because of its use improves blood flow.

Magnesium. In the daily life of 300-500 mg per day can help to relax your blood vessels.

Hawthorn. Classical herbal product for the heart: indirectly influences blood pressure by regulating heart rhythm.

Sauna. The heat in the sauna dilates blood vessels, blood pressure drops, but this method is suitable for people with moderately high blood pressure, not having more serious health problems.

A blood donation.
The study, researchers from the charité University (Germany) showed that the blood donation four times a year is an effective way of dealing with hypertension. This is especially good for people with very high blood pressure 160/100: they dropped it by an average 17 mm Hg.