10-year-old son of Naomi watts wore once nine pins and two beads

Like many Hollywood Celebi, Naomi watts lets her son look like he want to. Boy’s long been drawn to women’s clothes, and now to jewelry.

10-летний сын Наоми Уоттс надел сразу девять заколок и двое бус

50-year-old Naomi watts hunting should be newfangled trends of education, especially popular in Hollywood. As Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron and Megan Fox, she allows her 10-year-old son Sammy to wear clothes of the opposite sex.

The first time Sammy had seen in girly clothes a few years ago. Then he came to the largest festival of comics not Batman or Spider-Man, and in a long blonde wig and makeup on your face. Apparently, then, among all the cartoon characters he most sympathized with the fighting girlfriend of the Joker Harley Quinn.

The other day the paparazzi again captured the actress on a walk with my son. This time star successor surprised the audience with not outfit, which all have long been accustomed to, and numerous decorations.

In addition, the boy has decorated the wrist of almost a dozen scrunchies in different colors.

Naomi has always supported the unconventional habits of the son, and never hesitate to bring it to the public in such form. However, the celebrity has not yet spoken on this subject in the media, so it is unknown whether or not Samuel yourself with a girl or just loves the sweet outfits.