11 best places to live in Northern California: the surprise

In Northern California there are several amazing places to live. If you want to get official information about this, here is a list of Northern California communities recognized the best places to live, writes Only In Your State.

11 лучших мест для жизни в Северной Калифорнии: чем они удивляют

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The list was based on the superiority of the system of public schools, availability of purchase of homes, as well as the growth and prosperity of these cities.


Great public schools, where students consistently have high test scores, place for games, such as Folsom Lake and American River, and relatively inexpensive homes (the average house 2012 assessed in 398 $ 200), the historical center of the city and annual festivals — all this puts Folsom in the first place in this list.

2. Rocklin

This quiet suburbs of middle and upper middle class, also located near Folsom lake, has a high score when it comes to test scores in public schools within the United school district Rocklin. There are several prominent California schools — elementary school Breen elementary school valley view and many others. The average house price in 2012 amounted to 333 $ 200, and residents have also observed long-term stability income growth.

3. Eldorado Hills

Located in the foothills of the County of El Dorado, El Dorado hills is known for its community driven, and provides a good education. District public services Eldorado organizes festive events for children throughout the year and manages the “hills” community, which includes over 100 acres of parks. It is a quiet suburb located near Sacramento.

4. Roseville

Roseville — one of the busiest suburbs of Sacramento with its shopping centers and parks. From summer festivals to walking the neighborhoods this city has been growing steadily for several years.

5. Granite Bay

This rural but upscale town, which is also a part of the greater Sacramento area. Its inhabitants have a high average income compared to most places in Northern California. In the local school district, several teachers noted that they changed the situation, and the district received recognition for the high score API 2013. Social Association Granite Bay offers a range of activities for residents, ranging from farmers ‘ markets and ending with meetings in the gardening clubs.

6. Arcata

Arcata also has a pretty decent rating for its public schools. The houses here are also quite affordable. The average home in 2012 were sold at a price of 340 $ 500. The economic recovery in the region continues.

7. Oroville

The average cost of housing in Oroville in 2012 were much cheaper than some of the suburbs of Sacramento, and was 169 $ 300. If you have small children, it is likely that by the time of admission to the school system of education is entirely different.

8. Orangevale

If you are looking for a suburb of Sacramento where you can take advantage of the great schools, then Orangevale is the place for you. With a more affordable average home price at 270 $ 600 in 2012, the city still ranks high when it comes to test scores in public schools.

9. Lincoln

The average house price in 337 $ 600 in 2012, the main advantage of the Lincoln is that he has the charm of a small town. This close-knit community offers the best when it comes to the education of the family.

10. Redding

Redding is another community that better suited your family. The average house price in 2012 is 240 $ 200, so living here is easy and simple.

11. Cameron Park

Take advantage of rustic lifestyle, which offers Cameron Park, while at the same time, close to the Sacramento area. In this rural community it is possible to own a farm and drive to Sacramento. Average housing prices in 2012 was $ 343 $ 800, and he got good results of tests in public schools.