11 days had been lost: a Texas man found alive in the Grand Canyon

According to representatives of the National Park, the Grand Canyon, nearly two weeks after a Texas man was reported missing, he was found alive. This writes NBC News.

11 дней считался пропавшим: мужчина из Техаса найден живым в Гранд-Каньоне

Photo: Depositphotos

58-year-old Martin Edward O’connor from La Porte (Texas), had to be evacuated from the interior of the Grand Canyon by helicopter the national Park Service about 10:00 on Thursday, January 2, the day after the tourists had reported seeing him on a trail to new Hance Trail.

Trail new Hance Trail is considered one of the most difficult of the established trails in the southern part of the canyon.

O’connor was reported missing on December 22 and the last time he saw in the hotel “Yavapai Lodge,” which is located in the village of Grand Canyon.

A spokesman for the National Park Grand Canyon Lily Daniels said the man was discovered when his powers were on the wane. As O’connor was trapped,no one knows.

“The rescue team were amazed at how good it feels,” said Daniels.

O’connor was found about three miles (4,82 km) trail from new Hance Trail leading to the river, and, according to her estimates, he was at an altitude of about 4,000 feet (1 219 m).

According to Daniels, travelers who noticed a man reported later Wednesday evening, January 1, but because of the darkness, the helicopter was able to send only the next morning.

It is unknown whether or not O’connor there all the time since the disappearance, the temperature in the area where it was discovered has reached 20 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 6.6 Celsius) at night.

“We are very excited to reunite him with his family, said Daniels.- This is a great end to this story”.