11 things in January will be sold for pennies

The goods are usually sold seasonally. But not everything is as obvious as the fact that winter boots is most advantageous to buy in the spring. Edition MSN listed the items that traditionally can be purchased with a good discount in January.

11 вещей, которые в январе будут продаваться за копейки

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Gym membership

Gyms will hold special events throughout the month to try to attract new members, said Julie Remold, consumer analyst DealNews.com.

As a result, you can conclude the contract without additional fees, which can $ 100 to raise the price of your annual membership.

Fitness equipment

According to Remold if you prefer to exercise at home, January is a great time to buy fitness equipment.

“Within a month we will see more offers on fitness compared to any other time of the year,” she says.


Larger appliances, such as TVs, will go on sale at the end of the month.

“Watch out for prices closer to the super bowl,” says Kimberly Palmer, an expert in personal Finance at NerdWallet (this year’s super bowl on 2 February.)

“Large stores usually offer better discounts during training,” she says.

Bed linen and towels

According to Rambold, should follow the so-called “white sales” in January. They could begin on January 1 and last all month. When you see these discounts, expect to save up to 75% on bedding and towels, and other household items, including rugs and mirrors.

Winter coats and boots

Until the end of winter still far away, but retailers are already getting ready for spring, expect sales and trying to make room for new supplies. Expected discounts of up to 60%, says Andrea Bunch, an expert on consumer savings AndreaWoroch.com.


Because home sales usually peak in fall and summer, prices on carpet and flooring also peak at this time. Conversely, when in January home sales slow down, it’s time to find a suitable carpet.

Broadway tickets

If you are still waiting for a meeting with Hamilton, then now is the time to buy tickets. Broadway week in new York runs from 21 January to 9 February, and visitors can get two tickets for the price of one to shows, says Rembold.

Holiday decor

According to Ramholt in shops is to go in early January.

“The longer you wait, the less choice,” says Rembold. Michael’s has lowered prices on outdoor decorations by 50%. After Christmas, expect bargains from Target to 70-75%, and centers such as Lowe’s, will help save you up to 85%.


Missed Black Friday? As a rule, the best deals of the year in this category, but you can also get a pretty good price right after the Consumer Electronics Show (5-10 January). Wait for the show to make a purchase, when they announced the new models and older models such as the Apple Earpods are likely to be discounted.


As manufacturers usually release new collections in February, current model, you need to sell in January. This means that most of the furniture will be on sale this month. Want to save even more? Search for darker colors as they are associated with autumn and winter, and usually will cost you further.

Skin care

According to Sarah the Skirball, an expert on shopping and trends from RetailMeNot, you can get the means to care for skin on average 28% cheaper.