11 things never to do in order not to miss out on a dream job

Everyone has in mind a company in which I would like to work. There is everything from salary to working conditions. But your summary there does not respond. Or invited for an interview, but no call back. AdMe.ru tells what errors are preventing to get the dream job.

11 вещей, которые нельзя делать, чтобы не упустить работу мечты

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Here are the top 11 things not to do to those who are in search of the perfect workplace.

1. Write too long or too short summary

The first common mistake is that you fill out only the mandatory paragraphs of the questionnaire, summary short and skimpy, as if he were a robot. But remember: you have only a few minutes to grab the attention of the person who reads your resume. “Many” does not equal “good”: long text is distracting, and reading it takes a lot of time, which is usually the Directors there.

  • The resource administration job collected stop words and even phrases that should not be used in your resume: “creative”, “creative”, “samootverzhennyj”, “trainee”, “communicating”, “recommendations available upon request”.
  • Replace large words for the action verbs: “implemented”, “organized”, “reduced costs”, “increased income”.

2. Dismissive approach to preparing a cover letter

If you decide to apply for this job, you need to make a cover letter. Why is it important? The employer will first see the text you wrote to him, and only then decide whether to meet with your summary.

  • Start with a greeting, ask the person who directly oversees the position. If a particular employee is not specified, you can use the standard formula of courtesy: “ladies and gentlemen!”
  • Writing style must match the company policy. For most employers, this sustained business style. It is a win-win choice for 95% of jobs posted on the Internet. The remaining 5% region Hi-tech, creative, IT-startup, private and small company with niche products — allow more free and emotional appeal.
  • Be sure to check the text for errors and then duplicate the letter your contact information.

3. To respond to all offers in a row

You made a great summary and in a hurry to show him, and yourself out of the market. Take your time. Select those companies where you really want to work and those that you have at least one real chance to hit. The CV, in the uninteresting company, visit a potentially useless interview, waste of time, if you are a student who needs to gain experience.

  • Focus on the main thing: avoid dubious offers and don’t settle on a few interviews in one day. Such a schedule takes a lot of strength, and after several failures may shake your confidence. As a result, you will appear before a really important employer tired and exhausted man

4. Superficially examine the company of your dreams

Another mistake is waiting for you at the stage of interview preparation. You are going to meet with a recruiter, but what do you know about the company you going? Read the section “about us” on the home page is not enough. John Usai (Jon Youshaei), journalist Forbes, in his article advises you to subscribe to a blog in which you want to work on and to follow the news and achievements of the company. The possession of information will show that you are prepared for interview and are interested in further cooperation.

  • To really be aware and not to miss anything, use Google Alerts, which will alert you about news on the website. It is useful to examine not only official sources, but also the feedback from staff about work in the company. So you will be able to learn about the nuances of the service, to look at the firm from the inside.

5. Keep the clutter in social networks

Service Reppler conducted a survey among recruiters and found out interesting facts about the relationship between job search and your social networks. The study says that 91% of people employed in the recruitment process, use various resources to find suitable candidates, but more worrisome is the fact that 69 % of respondents are able to reject the CV of a potential employee due to inappropriate content.

  • Remember the scandal when one of the main top models of our time, 22-year-old American Gigi Hadid suspended from participation in Victoria’s Secret 2017 in China. The reason for this was a video in which she narrows his eyes and demonstrates followers the cookies in the form of the Buddha. Do not repeat the mistakes of others: place your order on the page, remove content that may discredit you.

6. Rashly to approach the dialogue in the interview

  • Mistake # 1. From the conversation, you don’t call the position you are applying for. Support his active and confident stance with the words: “I want to work in the post…”
  • Mistake # 2. To the question, what were you doing at a previous job, start a non-identifiable way to tell: “We specialized in…” Employer uninteresting area of activity of the last company, he wants to know what projects were you engaged, what you’ve learned.
  • Mistake # 3. If you are asking about professional achievements, try to talk about them in the form of quantifiable indicators, such as money, time, interest.
  • Mistake # 4. When you are asked about previous experience, to build a better dialogue: first, tell us about the latest place of work, and then move back to the first professional practice.

7. Choose the wrong time for the interview

Journalist Kate Parham (Parham Kate), studied the Accountemps survey 2008 and the book Andrew Bradbury (Andrew Bradbury), “Successful presentation skills”, identified that the best time for chatting at work — a Tuesday morning around 10:30. Of course, this does not mean that the interview in other days will be bad. But accepting the invitation from a recruiter, follow a few rules.

  • Don’t make an appointment early in the morning or at the end of the day. Usually in these hours is the maximum emotional load. And who needs conversation with raised voices?
  • Avoid the time before and after lunch. Indeed, in one case, the person may rush, and the second to be late.
  • Stay away from acronyms and holidays. There is a chance to catch a careless and superficial approach.

8. To be too emotional or anxious

If you are invited for an interview at a dream company, you’re nervous. This is normal. But try to leave a pleasant aftertaste. If you are obsessive, then you won’t like. If you are starting to clash and argue, you will not accept. If you closed in themselves and silent, you will become uninteresting for conversation.

  • Try to overcome your anxiety, think ahead about what you want to say, rehearse in front of a mirror. A good impression — the key to success.

9. Use words-parasites

When we start to get nervous, “parasites” enjoy the opportunity and start up after each spoken word. Confident and professional people find it annoying. Tina Seeling (Tina Seelig Ph.D.), doctor of philosophy and Professor at the Stanford engineering school, says: “When you see that I make tiny notes in summary, it is likely that I believe how many times you said the word parasite. This is the easiest way to eliminate a potential candidate.”

  • Watch your words, pay attention to your “type”, “sort”, “short” and do not try to use youth slang. To determine the contaminant of speech, of the house turn on the recorder and try without preparation to answer an impromptu question.

10. To pay attention only to the interviewer

When you come in for an interview, mistakenly believe that you need to communicate only with the interviewer. After you leave the recruiter certainly will ask my colleagues, what impression you have made on others, so be polite to everyone, smile, support, talk or eye contact. This advice is divided Alexei Steinhardt, CEO of recruitment company Hays in Russia in his article. To exhibit good manners is very simple, for example, say Hello to the guard at the entrance, support a conversation with the Secretary.

11. Don’t care about appearance

Before you negotiate, think carefully about your appearance. First, try to answer the question that you want to tell the employer about your clothes.

  • If you want to show that you are a responsible person you can trust, choose blue color for your costume. It is associated with nobility, confidence and peace of mind. A good solution will also be gray, black or brown shades.
  • And the impression of a flighty and frivolous employee will produce a combination of bright cause colors such as green, orange or yellow. Try to avoid them.