113-year-old resident of Spain became the oldest man in the world, winning COVID-19

113-year-old woman, considered the oldest resident of Spain, said he feels fine after he survived the battle with the coronavirus, writes CNN. She became the oldest person in the world to have beaten the disease, and the only survivors COVID-19 at the age of 110 years.

113-летняя жительница Испании стала старейшим в мире человеком, победившим COVID-19

Photo: a video frame YouTube/AGENCIA EFE

In the Internet appeared the video of how Maria Branas born March 4, 1907, talking to the Director of the nursing home where she lives in Olot, Catalonia.

“As for my health, I’m fine with the same minor discomfort that may arise from any,” said Branas in the video. The video was recorded on Monday, may 11, said a spokeswoman for the nursing home.

Braniac recovered after a light case COVID-19. According to a spokesperson, the symptoms began soon after March 4 to the woman family came to celebrate her 113th birthday.

Since relatives could not come to Mary in person. The press Secretary said that Braniac for 18 years lives in a private room in a nursing home Santa Maria del Tura, which is administered by the Institute of the order of San Jose, Gerona, associated with the Roman Catholic Church.

Branas was born in San Francisco, USA, where her father worked as a journalist.

During her long life she survived two world wars and the flu pandemic of 1918, which killed more than 50 million people worldwide.

Although Braniac recovered from COVID-19, it has killed two residents of the same nursing home. Since then, the situation of the institution has improved, said the administration.

On March 14, in Spain there is a state of emergency with strict measures to restrict the freedom of movement. But due to the fact that the level of morbidity and mortality is reduced, the government abolished some measures in certain parts of the country, in preparation for the gradual weakening of the quarantine. But the initial removal of these restrictions did not apply to Olot, where he lives, Braniac.

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