12 dishes that are certainly worth a try in California

California is the perfect place for gourmets. In any direction, wherever in the state you go, you will find plenty of eateries, restaurants and a huge variety of food. Publishing Culture Trip recommends the 12 dishes that you should try in California, and the coordinates of the establishments where they are served.

12 блюд, которые непременно стоит попробовать в Калифорнии

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Sandwich The Godmother

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery in Santa Monica you will find a delicious classic Italian sandwich. Note the sandwich is The Godmother Sandwich, if you want to enjoy the spirit of Italy in California. Take it with you, and then go to the beach or pier at Santa Monica to get pleasure from the local sun.

  • Address: 1517 Lincoln Boulevard, Downtown, Santa Monica, California, 90401, USA
  • Phone: +13103958279
  • Website: baycitiesitaliandeli.com

The California burrito

French fries in a burrito? Absolutely the California idea and taste that you can experience once in a lifetime. Come for him in a restaurant located in Carmichael, near Sacramento, the state capital. This is the real California.

  • Address: 7429 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael, California, 95608, USA
  • Phone: +19165159164
  • Website: ordercaliforniaburrito.com

The Matt Cain Sandwich

Matt Cain, former pitcher of the team “San Francisco Giants”, so popular in these parts that in his honor named the sandwich. Includes roast beef, salami, Turkey, Provolone cheese and homemade sauce. You’ll find this sandwich at IKE’s Place — there are a few points scattered around the Bay area, southern California and beyond.

  • Address: 901 Polk Street, Tenderloin, San Francisco, California, 94109, USA
  • Phone: +14153511972
  • Website: loveandsandwiches.com

Chicken wings dry-roasted

Move over, KFC! Chicken wings dry roasting is a California necessity, and Chinese restaurant San Tung will provide them in the best possible way. Visitors from around the world flock to this diner San Francisco to acquire a classic dish is their original fried chicken wings with garlic, ginger and roasted red peppers.

  • Address: 1031 Irving Street, Inner Sunset, San Francisco, California, 94122, USA
  • Phone: +14152420828
  • Website: www.santung.net


Yes, just brunch, or brunch. Nobody likes this late meal is more than Californians, so don’t forget to find a place for a great brunch during your stay in the state. One of the best places — Blu Jam café in Los Angeles. Breakfast is served all day and they offer vegan and gluten free options.

  • Address: 7371 Melrose Avenue, Fairfax, Los Angeles, California, 90046, USA
  • Phone: +13239519191
  • Website: www.blujamcafe.com

Apple pie

Apple pie — not just a treat from California, is a famous American dessert. However, in California Apple pie has its own special appeal. Maybe the “blame” orchards scattered across the state. Various options from family Apple pie company Julian Pie Company — best of the best.

  • Address: 2225 Main Street, Julian, California, 92036, USA
  • Phone: +17607652449
  • Website: www.julianpie.com

12 блюд, которые непременно стоит попробовать в Калифорнии

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Oysters in California have a special taste. Can be in a Central location of the Bay or the warm ocean waters in southern California, but whatever the reason, everyone can eat their fill of oysters in the area. Hog Island Oyster Co. — favorite hot spot. From Marshall restaurant overlooks the Bay Tomales where harvested oysters, but visitors can also go to the restaurants in the area, NAPA and San Francisco.

  • Address: 20215 Shoreline Highway, Marshall, California, 94940, USA
  • Phone: +14156639218
  • Website: hogislandoysters.com

Vegan Mac and Cheese

In California it is easy to be a vegan or just enjoy vegan food. In the state there is a new vegan eateries and they are popping up everywhere. But nothing beats a vegan dish Mac and Cheese from Souley Vegan in Oakland. It is thick, creamy and spicy. Vegan macaroni and cheese so you will enjoy that you will want to return again and again.

  • Address: 301 Broadway, Produce and Waterfront, Oakland, California, 94607, USA
  • Phone: +15109221615
  • Website: souleyvegan.com

Pork ribs

California barbecue is something unique and special, especially for pork ribs baby back ribs. Institution Phil’s BBQ in San Diego serves up the best barbecue ribs. This restaurant is praised not only in California but across the country.

  • Address: 3750 Sports Arena Boulevard, Midway District, San Diego, California, 92110, USA
  • Phone: +16192266333
  • Website: www.philsbbq.net

12 блюд, которые непременно стоит попробовать в Калифорнии

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Yes, you read that right. California is home to sucharita — a burrito filled with what usually happens in the land. Apparently, Californians are tired of choose between a burrito and sushi, so now there is a reliable solution, and adored by all.

  • Address: 59 New Montgomery Street, Yerba Buena, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA
  • Phone: +14154957655
  • Website: www.sushirrito.com


It’s just. It is beyond time. It’s a cheeseburger. And Californians believe that their cheeseburgers are the best. Without a doubt, a large part of their confidence rests on the cheeseburgers served at hodad’s in southern California. This place is the staff favorite. Simple and classical is the cheeseburgers, which are sure Californians.

  • Address: 5010 Newport Avenue, Point Loma, San Diego, California, 92107, USA
  • Phone: +16192244623
  • Website: hodadies.com

Acai bowl

Acai-a bowl originated in Brazil and became popular in Hawaii, however, today this dish is an absolute favorite in California. In this bowl contains Superfoods, grains, fruits and everything your body needs to feel healthy and strong. The best acai bowl the can be found at Vitality Bowls.

  • Address: 130, 3988 Douglas Blvd, Johnson Ranch, Roseville, California, 95661, USA
  • Phone: +19167714137
  • Website: vitalitybowls.com/locations/roseville

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