12 incredible places in Florida that you must visit in 2020

If you’ve been in Florida a short time, it is likely that you are appreciated one of the most beautiful States of the USA. Publishing Only in Your State chose 12 unforgettable places in Florida where you can go on a journey. To your holiday was not too expensive and protracted, each month visit one of these places.

12 невероятных мест во Флориде, которые нужно посетить в 2020 году

Photo: Depositphotos

January — Key West

If you live in Florida and haven’t traveled to Key West, now is the time to do it. In January, there is not only the best temperature in the state, but also the warm beaches. Stay in one of our incredible beach resorts and strolling.

February — festival of kites

From 15 to 17 February 2020, Florida will host the festival of kites. It will be an unforgettable family day, filled with colours and merriment. Kites can be bought on site or bring.

Mart — Mount Dora

Although Florida has lots of small towns, loved by tourists, mount Dora may be one of the coolest. Not only that, you can stroll through antique shops located throughout the city, on weekends there is the opportunity to stroll along the Park Grata point or visit antique center and flea market of Renniger.

April — Kennedy Space Center

One of the attractions of Florida’s Space center named after John F. Kennedy. Visitors can see relics of some of the most significant achievements ever made in NASA. Plus, there are many interactive games, including a simulator of a Shuttle launch.

May — the tropical butterfly garden in Gainesville

On this live show right at your fingertips are hundreds of butterflies from around the world. Don’t be surprised if some of these beauties will sit on you to rest, as it is a fully interactive exhibition.

June — Captain Hiram’s Resort

If you are in the area of tourism or are looking for a coastal resort, which will provide you with the most comfortable stay on the beach, look at Captain Hiram’s Resort. This one of a kind tropical Paradise will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean.

July — Dry Tortugas

Just 70 miles (112 km) from the coast of Key West is the national Park of dry Tortugas. This abandoned Fort of the 19th century was never completed, but is still quite an impressive structure. Visitors can visit the dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson by boat, seaplane or ferry.

August — devil’s Den

This one of a kind swimming hole is considered to be a karst window collapsed arch above the underground river reveals the water below. You can swim after lunch, go Snorkelling or just take a picture of this beauty.

September is state Park Blue Spring

Walk in a natural setting in this Park will not only make you move more, you can also enjoy swimming in a lovely pool of water is an amazing emerald color.

October — St. Augustine lighthouse haunted

In October you can visit one of the coolest places in Florida. Of course, the lighthouse is a bright and beautiful day, but by night it becomes a completely different place. Visit the lighthouse around Halloween and find out all about its otherworldly inhabitants.

November — Silver Glen Springs

That came November, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your favorite pastime — swimming. At least in Florida. Go to silver Glen springs national forest Ocala: there you will find a beautiful place with crystal clear water, surrounded by tall pines and oak trees in a completely natural space.

December — White Springs

White springs is a tiny city with a rich history and tradition. But in December it transforms into a Wonderland. Visit white springs at Christmas time to see how the city becomes a magical Christmas place that the whole family will love.