12 signs that she is a woman of high quality

12 признаков, что она женщина высокого качества

1. It motivates you to achieve your goals, but not interfere. She trusts that you are able to make the right decision in your life. It is your support, not the coach.

2. She’s not trying to make you jealous. She is confident, what it costs, and what you realize. She doesn’t need to play games to get you to see that she is worthy.

3. She’s no Princess. It requires that you treated her with respect, but because she’s your favorite person, not because she is a woman and therefore magically worth something. Just as she expects you to be respectful to his family and friends, she expects the same in relation to itself.

4. She is a part of life that does not include you. Friends, Hobbies, career — whatever. She’s quite independent and confident, to not need your involvement in everything she does.

5. You will not even think about whether or not to invite her to some activities: meeting with friends, corporate party, holiday parents — she knows how to behave in different circumstances. She’s Mature enough to make a good impression on your colleagues, and wise enough to be able to relax with friends.

6. She’s also a woman. That doesn’t mean it’s perfect, but she always strives for perfection. You don’t need to say that she needs to solve a problem. It is self-sufficient, and she understands their problems and tries to cope with them. She needs a partner, not a daddy.

7. She always seems to be yourself, not your girlfriend. Your status means nothing, except that you do together.

8. She is not shy about sex. If she doesn’t want to do something, she maybe right to say this, and not just grimace. She can openly talk about your sex life, this is normal and Mature.

9. She has her own opinion and she can Express and justify. If she disagrees with you, you can discuss it without raised voices.

10. She’ll never gossip about you or complain about you to their friends or parents. She respects you and will not belittle in front of others.

11. She knows what she wants from life. She doesn’t betray their values and dreams, if only to adapt to the man.

12. You will feel lucky with her, because I know that she will not meet with anyone. She is not afraid to be alone, and if you chose, really caring and believes that you will help each other to develop together.