123-year old man revealed the secrets of his longevity

The Indian monk Swami Sivananda, according to the passport, was born 8 Aug 1896 in Indian city of Kolkata. The man went from his native land to London, his papers drew the attention of the airport staff.

123-летний старец раскрыл секреты своего долголетия

If the data in the passport is correct, 123-year-old Sivananda is the oldest man on the planet.

According to him, at the age of five he became an orphan, he was placed in the care of the guru, with whom he traveled to India. Growing up, the Indian decided to devote himself to monasticism.

Sivananda looks much younger than his years. The secret to his longevity yoga, discipline and a complete lack of sex.

— I eat very simply — boiled food without oil or spices. I don’t drink milk and don’t eat fruit, because it is exquisite food, — said the Indian.

He says he lives modestly, even ascetic: for example, sleeping on the floor, placing a head of the block of wood.

— The most important thing in life is discipline. Control over our needs is the greatest achievement in life. I live so long, because my happiness does not depend on material things, — said the monk.

The official record of longevity belongs to Frenchwoman Jeanne calment. She died in 1997 at age 122 years and 164 days.