13 English abbreviations, which you might not know

You are surely aware of what it means IMHO, LOL or OMG. But how to respond to BYOB at the end of the invitation to the party said with confidence AMA — it’s time to find out.

13 английских аббревиатур, о которых вы могли не знать

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Stands for Bring Your Own Bottle — “bring a bottle”. This means that the host of the party to which you invite, took care of the refreshments, but alcohol is counting on the help of the guests.

Come to Nick’s house at 5 pm. BYOB — Come to nick’s today at five. Bring the alcohol!

2. SMH

It is short for Shaking My Head translates as “shaking my head” and means a reaction to something unpleasant or really weird.

He’s late again — He’s late again.
SMH — Shaking my head.

3. CSL

An acronym Can’t Stop Laughing. It says that the source can’t hold back the laughter at the mention of something really fun. In fact, another version of LOL.

Have you seen that video with a dancing dog? — Saw this video with a dancing dog?
CSL! — I can’t stop laughing!


Fear Of Missing Out — is popular in recent reduction, meaning the fear to miss something. For example, a party.

I have to go to that party! I have severe FOMO! — I have to go to this party! I have a hard fear to miss something important!

5. AF

Stands for As Fuck, but nothing abusive does not mean. This is an extreme degree of something, as a Russian “wow”.

Those tacos were spicy AF! These tacos were really insane how sharp!

6. FAM

What would you call your best friend or girlfriend with whom you are so near? Probably would have said that they like a brother or a sister? In English in this respect there is a reduction of FAM from the word Family.

My fam is always there for me — My close friends are always ready to help me.

7. IRL

The Internet has taken over the world so that we even began to divide life into the real and the virtual. And there was a reduction in IRL — In Real Life.

IRL I’m a very friendly person actually In real life I’m actually a really friendly person.

8. ELI5

To Express my sincere ignorance of any question of reducing ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5), what means “Explain like I’m 5 years old”.

I know nothing about computer hardware, ELI5 — I don’t know anything about computer parts, explain like I’m five years old.


In the English-language chat rooms can sometimes be found FTFY. This reduction can be interesting for the fans to correct grammatical errors of others, because it means Fixed That For You and translates “Fixed that for you.”

It should be speak, not spik. FTFY — It should be speak, and not spik. Fixed for you.

10. DAE

Reduction question Does Anyone Else? (“Who else?”). For example, you want to find like-minded people among the companions:

DAE like this band? — Anyone else like this band?

11. AMA

But if you are expert in any matter, and you want to share your knowledge, useful AMA — Ask Me Anything. Ask me about anything!

I’ve been studying Van Gogh for years, AMA — I’m studying van Gogh’s years, ask me anything.


It is an abbreviation from the long expression In Case You Missed It. Used in conversation to explain the subject to someone who just started using it: “In case you missed…”

ICYMI, we were talking about our healthcare system — In case you missed it, we discussed our health.

13. PAW

How often do you, as a teenager, tried to hide from the parents of the topics their conversations with friends? Today’s young people are much more creative: when my mom stands behind and secretly watches as her child is chatting with his friends, the course is the reduction in PAW — Parents Are Watching.

Let’s go to the library together? PAW — let’s Go to the library? Parents are watching!


And finally, simple expressions that you can use in correspondence with the English friend:

  • YW — You’re Welcome.
  • RLY — Really.
  • ILY — I Love You.
  • SY — See You.