13 strange habits of the residents of Northern California, which no one else understands

There are a few things that make the residents of Northern California and the rest of the country just doesn’t get it, but that doesn’t mean that Californians will change their habits. About it writes Only In Your State.

13 странных привычек жителей Северной Калифорнии, которых больше никто не понимает

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1. Water conservation.

Even if recently there was a drought, then there’s no excuse to be wasteful.

2. To swim in all that is deep enough and clean enough, no matter how cold

From the Pacific ocean to the pools in the backyards, the residents of Northern California love to swim in the water as much as I hate to waste my time.

3. Festivals for almost all types of food

In Northern California hosts many of the festival dedicated to food and drink — the pumpkin, the garlic, sparic, oysters, clams, wine, beer and many other festival are held here all year round.

4. To name all the dishes on the BBQ grill

Some people, especially people from the South don’t like it when they do it, but residents in Northern California anyway.

5. Waving to all, but especially builders who are holding stop signs

For some reason Californians always make a special effort to thank these guys for the job. Obviously, they do not always receive the same professional courtesy everywhere.

6. Living in a dry hot climate

It’s not very good, but it is much preferable to humid hot climate which reigns in the East.

7. The preference of rural life urban life

Residents of Northern California don’t understand why people want to surround themselves with suburbs and city life, if there are spectacular rural views.

8. To prefer the way of life of Northern California before southern California.

And it is very logical, because otherwise one state would not be divided by 2 these different areas.

9. To be very picky about fruits and vegetables

Some of the fresh corn, avocado, mango, apples, pumpkins and more — all grown right here. Residents of Northern California would prefer the farmer’s market store.

10. Travel on country roads

It’s a fresher, more scenic and fun trip on the road with less cost, even if it takes a few extra minutes.

11. Store favorite hangouts secret

Not a single resident of Northern California will not tell you where the party is or what it’s called, they know how to keep secrets.

12. Always ride on car

From the red forest to the mountain peaks of Northern Californians love to walk. And the best way to see it is definitely by car.

13. Always come home

Many of the residents of the state move, but still come back. According to residents of Northern California, there is no better place than the house that will forever be in your heart.