13-year-old boy was taken into custody because of an accident on Dufferin and Finch (PHOTO)

13-летний мальчик попал под стражу из-за аварии на Dufferin и Finch (ФОТО)

13-year-old boy is in police custody in connection with the fact that he crashed into the fuel truck and the bus GO on taken from relatives SUV.

To 5 am today on Dufferin Street at Finch Avenue West accident occurred, the scene had called the ambulance.

The police said that the boy in the SUV that belonged to a relative, was traveling South on Dufferin, when at the intersection crashed into a fuel truck. At this point the tanker driver was just turning to Finch. And the SUV from the strike unfolded, the boy lost control and the car crashed into the side of the bus to GO, who was standing at the traffic lights on red.

In the SUV there was another 13-year-old boy. The passenger of the SUV, which, according to the police, received “severe” injuries, was rushed to the emergency room.

“So I think that right now he’s in surgery at the hospital. From what I was told, the injury, which he received, could dramatically change his life,” said Sergeant Murray Campbell reporters at the scene.

Teenager who was driving the vehicle, was taken into custody, but police did not say what charges he may be brought.

“We are looking at how they took possession of the vehicle. It is obvious that the 13-year-olds may not be driver’s license,” Campbell said.

However, other sources have already leaked the information that the father of the injured teenager, Kahlo Aziz, said that his son will be in surgery for over six hours and the doctors trying to save his leg.

He also said that the guys without knowing it you pulled the keys to his SUV out of his pocket. Aziz added that he did not know before of a boy who was charged.

Passengers in the bus at that moment was not the driver of the truck was not injured.

Currently at the scene working group for the reconstruction of the picture of the collision, which clarifies the circumstances of the accident.

“Witnesses said that (the SUV) was traveling over the speed limit, and possibly left on a red before the collision,” said Campbell.

The intersection was closed during the investigation.