1300 dollars for a phone call during lunch: the network leaked the system of penalties to Chelsea (photo)

1300 долларов за звонок телефона во время обеда: в сеть слили систему штрафов в «Челси» (фото)

The head coach London “Chelsea” Frank Lampard (pictured), under whom the team shares the second-third place in the standings of the English Premier League has introduced financial sanctions for various infractions of the players, says the Daily Mail.

Journalists managed to photograph a signed mentor list of penalties that can be applied to the players.

1300 долларов за звонок телефона во время обеда: в сеть слили систему штрафов в «Челси» (фото)

In particular, being late to practice will cost any player in 20 thousand pounds (26 thousand dollars). For 10 thousand pounds (13 thousand dollars) will be less than the expense of the player if he is not informed about disease before the output or 1.5 hours before workout.

Refusal to participate in club events and departure from the stadium after the game, not on the club bus without prior notice to the coach or his assistant will manage in 5 thousand in British currency (6.4 thousand dollars).

In “Chelsea” on 2,5 thousand pounds (3,2 thousand dollars) punish players for being late to the match or the departure of the team, and for late arrival for treatment and medical procedures.

One thousand pounds (1.3 million dollars) a player pays if the phone rings during dinner or team meeting. The same amount of the estimated appearance in the day or on departure of the team for the away match, not the club equipment, as well as being late for warm-up.

The penalties must be paid within 14 days. Otherwise, their size is doubled.

In addition, the Lampard forbidden agents of the players to appear on the basis if the visit is not officially agreed upon in advance.


Photo Getty Images, Daily Mail

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