14 service providers in the United States with which to negotiate price reductions of up to 40%

With these companies can be easier than you think to negotiate the amount of monthly bills, says Money Talks News.

14 поставщиков услуг в США, с которыми можно договориться о снижении цен до 40%

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Feel the shock every time the phone bill, cable or Internet? Depending on which company provides the service, lower rates may be a phone call from you.

The project LendEDU analyzed data from Truebill, personal Finance tracker, Finance Manager, and apps for reminder accounts, which helps people to manage your subscriptions, and to determine which service providers are willing to reduce prices if they ask about it.

The bad news is that if you use T-Mobile, you are unlikely to get such a gift. Customers T-Mobile has been successful only in 10-19% of cases when tried to arrange their accounts. LendEDU says it’s “the lowest rate of success” among the 17 providers included in the analysis.

However, you will have better luck with the next 14 suppliers that had the highest indicators of success of the negotiations:

  • SiriusXM: 80% or more clients successfully negotiate their accounts with this company
  • CenturyLink: 80% or more
  • Dish Network: 80% or more
  • Optimum Cable Vision: 70% -79%
  • Sprint Wireless: 70% -79%
  • ADT Security: 70% -79%
  • DirecTV: 70% -79%
  • AT & T: 60% -69%
  • Cox Communications: 60% -69%
  • Verizon Wireless: 60% -69%
  • Frontier: 50% -59%
  • Charter Spectrum: 50%-59%
  • RCN: 50% -59%

How much money you can save by asking the service provider about the best price?

For 16 of the 17 companies included in the analysis LendEDU, clients received an average of 10% to 29% savings. But SiriusXM was ready to reduce prices by an average of 40% or more for those who asked.

How to negotiate your bills

You have two options: to negotiate by yourself or use a service that will negotiate for you.

Agree technically as simple as to pick up the phone and ask for a lower rate. Companies are more likely to reduce the price as the leverage you mentioned, what do you think about the cancellation of their services or that you got a better offer from a competitor.

If you do not want to make these calls, you can seek the assistance of a third-party service, such as Trim or BillCutterz. These services conduct all negotiations on your behalf, but will take some money.