15 months for sequestering his brother-in-law with tape

15 months for kidnapping his brother-in-law with tape


A man who kidnapped his brother-in-law with the help of his mother by using duct tape to tie him up and threaten him with death has received a 15-month prison sentence.

Believing that the victim was a bad influence for his sister, Jean-Philippe Carrier and his mother, Cécile Leclerc, had devised a plan to scare the young man. Thus, on August 24, 2019, the two accused set a trap for him, encouraging him to go to their residence on boulevard Saint-Claude by texting him on his girlfriend's cell phone. 

Once on the scene, the 31-year-old man rushed to his brother-in-law's car, forcing him to open the doors for him. Helped by his mother who got the victim out of the vehicle by pulling his hair, Carrier then dragged him inside the residence to lock him in the bathroom. 

Too far

Using gray duct tape, Carrier bound the victim while beating him. The latter had also been threatened with being taken to a place where he would not be found, so that he “digged his grave”.

Eventually it was Carrier's sister – a young woman with borderline personality disorder who wanted her brother to help her end her relationship with the victim – who contacted 911, believing that his family's plan went too far. 

It was the police who freed the victim from his attackers after about twenty minutes. 

Tant Jean- Philippe Carrier and his mother Cécile Leclerc were found guilty of assault, death threat and forcible confinement. aggressive cancer. His son received a total sentence of 15 months in prison. 

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