15 secrets to find cheap flights which should know every traveler

Let’s face it: the journey is incredibly expensive. A significant part is spent on tickets. The price for them as often fluctuate that is always a feeling that you could get a good price or discount. It turns out that if you follow a few simple tricks, you can book cheap flights, tells Best life online.

15 секретов поиска дешевых авиабилетов, которые должен знать каждый путешественник

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1. The tickets are sometimes cheaper if you book them one by one

The reason you can save so, is that “airlines often sell multiple classes of fares at different prices, with a couple of places in each class, written by experts for deals at Travel Zoo. — If in the lowest rate class there is only one place, and you are looking for four seats, most automated systems will show you the highest class rate for all four tickets.”

This means that it is cheaper to look for tickets separately. And remember: if you decide to book one, make sure there is no handling fee for each ticket, which would offset any savings, especially if you book through an online travel Agency and not through the airline. You also can choose your seats in advance to sit with your loved ones.

2. There are a lot of outdated tourist above which you can ignore

Ever heard that Tuesday is the best day to book tickets? Or you need to search for flights in incognito mode? This is only partly so. Most travel experts agree that there is no “perfect” day to get great rates.

“Airlines are using modern computer algorithms and pricing algorithms for determining prices and sales based on the time of year, the demand of passengers, the weather, major events / festivals, time of day, competitors’ prices, and much more,” writes travel blogger Nomadic Matt.

The only way to find the best tariff is to be alert.

3. Application Hopper can say for sure, looks like a good rate

If you’ve never flown on a particular route, it is difficult to know what is a good rate. For example, a flight for $ 350 may seem expensive until you learn that the ticket for this flight normally costs $ 300. That is why it is best to download Hopper to use app: just choose where you want to fly and when.

4. Price alerts can help you stay up to date suggestions

As mentioned earlier, the only way to get the best price, it is all the time to monitor them. Sometimes you just don’t have time for this, so let the Internet do the work for you. Sign up for price notifications on such websites, like Skyscanner or Google Flights to receive notifications when fares drop on your route. And if they appeal to you, you will be able to book as soon as possible.

5. You will find the cheapest fares if you fly in holiday

Flights to holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas — a time when other passengers would prefer to be home with my family, not at the airport with TSA, may be the best way to get big discounts.

It should also be noted that these discounts do not apply to presidents Day and memorial Day, as well as others not most large-scale festivals.

6. Travel in low season can save a lot of money

An insider tip: booking a trip to Europe in the fall or winter can save you hundreds of dollars. For example, in August flights from new York to Barcelona is estimated at about $ 500, while in September there are tours at the best price in the 224 dollar in both ends. In short: don’t be afraid of the low season.

7. Tuesday and Wednesday are the cheapest days to fly

Unfortunately, the cheapest days are not always the most convenient. According to Hopper, the cheapest day to fly on a domestic flight Wednesday, and the cheapest Tuesday. The potential savings in these days is about $ 45 per ticket.

8. Redundancy with change may mean 50 percent savings.

For example, the previously mentioned flight to Barcelona cost 224 of the dollar stop in Madrid. If you would like to fly direct, you would pay about $ 1,000. It is 776 dollars of savings!

9. Package “hotel+ticket” reduce prices and so, and others

If you are booking a flight, most likely, you will also need to book a hotel, and this means a very good price. Luckily for you, many large hotel chains offer packages of services along with major airlines, this means that you can save on both costs.

Look for these packages on travel sites such as Expedia , Kayak and Hotwire.

10. Yes, credit cards airlines can help

Although annual fees can a little be confusing, investing in a credit card the airline will ensure that those travelers who especially love to travel, gain points to eventually travel at a reduced price. According to The Points Guy JetBlue card Plus is the best option for passengers travelling mostly in the country because it offers a generous amount of aviablow (40,000 points after you spend $ 1,000 in the first 90 days) for each us dollar spent.

International travelers are encouraged to invest in credit card Delta Reserve from American Express where they can get 40,000 miles and 10,000 Delta Medallion qualifying miles after you spend $ 3,000 within the first three months.

11. Can help and credit cards that offer points for travel

If you do not want to buy credit card of the airline, look at other cards that offer generous travel points. According to Nerd Wallet, the best benefit of this is card Chase Sapphire Preferred Card offers two points per dollar spent on tickets, transport, food and various other expenses.

12. Feel free to buy when you see a good offer

If you book the ticket at least 7 days prior to departure, US airlines should provide you a 24-hour period in which to cancel the order free of charge. So when you see something interesting, feel free to agree. You can always change your mind the next day.

13. Small airports can offer huge savings

Especially when you are traveling in a large city, make sure you have not found a more favorable rate with departure or arrival at a small airport.

14. Travel agents are great

The travel agents have a secret trick, which agencies have never heard of — so, Yes, immediately find yourself a travel agent to really save on all your future adventures.

15. Southwest offers free re-booking and refunds

Free re-booking and refund policy by reducing the price of Southwest Airlines is unmatched. Southwest is the only major airline in the US that allows you to change your route (other airlines charge around $ 200 for the same service). So, if you are not 100% sure in your reservation, you should fly this airline.


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