15 the language of social networks to communicate in English

I wish to improve my English language? Best of all this will help native speakers for native speakers. “Lifehacker” offers a selection of language social networks to communicate in English.

15 языковых соцсетей для общения на английском

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Native speakers will help improve the pronunciation and correct writing errors.

  1. Slowly

Slowly — this is a unique service to find pen pals. Applications the authors deliberately refrained from instant messaging, to get back the romance of communicating via letters. You find a companion with similar interests, write him a message in a few paragraphs, attach a stamp and send. Delivery time depends on how far away the recipient is — it can be like a couple of hours and a day. You can also send photos, but their number is limited, and the shipping speed also depends on distance.

  1. English, Baby

A social network for communicating with foreigners, and daily lessons on various topics. For membership in the community need each month to transfer to the project account $ 5. But there is a seven-day free pass for beginners. The site has chats, forums and blogs for communication in the selected language.

  1. italki

Convenient service and the app for learning a foreign language. To use it, you only need a device with camera and Internet access. Here you can meet professional teachers and native speakers, offer informal tutoring. Each user can be a student and a teacher. Available more than 10 thousand of Tutors, and training is charged per lesson.

  1. Interpals.net

Resources to find friends, partners, correspondence and even travel companions for traveling around the world. You can choose interlocutors in specific countries, chat on forums, in chat or via private messages. The site is free, and it was tens of thousands of users from around the world.

  1. Conversation Exchange

On this website you can find a partner for full-time or remote communication via private messages or chats. When searching you should specify the language you want to learn, and one that will teach him, and also what apps you would like to use.

  1. Easy Language Exchange

More than 100 thousand people from 56 countries have used Easy Language Exchange to find strangers who speak a number of languages. You can chat with the community in an open forum or with only selected people through private messages. In addition, this resource contains a variety of courses for self-study.

  1. Speaky

Speaky is a free social network consisting of just two elements: a list of profiles and chat Windows. When completing the profile you can choose which languages I know and what I would like to learn, and the service itself selects the best candidates. You can communicate with native speakers and those who only studies.

  1. The Mixxer

The website for the search party from the American College of Dickinson. The Mixxer is directed primarily to communicate via Skype, but also allows and just write. Useful bonus free lessons for the study of different languages, from consulates and universities.

  1. Language Share

A simple and convenient service to search for interlocutors. Profiles are filtered by their native and studied languages, gender and age. Any people can send messages: the service sends notification mail. If you wish, you may look for a partner only in a certain country.

  1. Tongue Out

An ambitious project, design and structure reminiscent of Facebook the end of 2000-ies. It not only profiles, but the forums, groups, collections, photos, and videos. You can add users to friends, participate in discussions and write messages, including via the app.

  1. Tandem

Stylish mobile search service for native speakers. To find the source here: Tandem by millions of people. You can even enlist the help of professional teachers and to schedule an individual lesson. Learning takes place both via chat and via audio and video calls.

  1. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is a feature-rich application for learning languages and communicating with native speakers. In chat, you can exchange not only text messages but also audio, photographs and video. There is also an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the interlocutor in the conversation.

  1. HiNative

HiNative is a platform of questions and answers. You ask the speakers questions about their language, and they respond. You can also ask for feedback about your pronunciation and sentence structure. The owners of free accounts can listen to and see the answers only on their own issues and bought the premium version — and the questions of other users.

  1. Polyglot Club

Polyglot Club is a huge community of speakers of different languages, which provides many tools for learning. You can chat with users, create video chats, schedule meetings, receive corrections, ask questions. Community site is very active: constantly holds meetings in dozens of cities around the world.

  1. Gamelingu

Gamelingu allows you to learn languages not only through communication with the media, but with games specifically designed to reinforce new words and expressions. The site also has forums, chat, achievements system and track progress.




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