15-year-old son Reese Witherspoon teaches her to record a video for TikTok

Reese Witherspoon — the mother of three children, two of whom are teenagers. A time when teaching could only she passed, and now Reese she gladly asks the son with the daughter boards. With Ava she exchanged views about style, and sometimes items of clothing. But the son of deacon became her guide into the world of an interns “stuff”, like social network TikTok.

15-летний сын Риз Уизерспун учит ее записывать видео для TikTok

Reese shared a video in which the deacon shall register it in the application helps to come up with a nickname and learns to dance so the video has gained many views. “I think I did it,” wrote Reese, put a funny report from the master class.