16 crazy ways to save money

Despite the fact that love makes people do crazy things, the desire to save money sometimes makes you take extreme measures. The following tips on saving may seem strange, but they actually work, writes the Cheat Sheet.

16 безумных способов сэкономить деньги

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1. Keep a pitcher near the sink

Instead of having to drain the water, waiting for her to heat up, collect it in a jar. You can use it in the future to drink, cook or water the plants.

2. Collect urine

If you really want to save money and help the environment, try to go to the toilet in a jar or bottle, and then use them as fertilizer.

3. Say goodbye to toilet paper

Why spend money on toilet paper when you probably have a spare newspaper, junk mail, and unwanted accounts? Forget about the discomfort. The toilet paper is really a waste of money.

4. Disable all

According to the U.S. Department of energy, to devices that are turned off, but connected to the network, account for up to 10% of your electricity bills. Simplify your life and use extension cords. You can turn off several devices at the same time.

5. The products in the store at the end of the day

According to NPR, retail sellers throw out 10% of edible food in America each year. The main reason? Picky clients. Most stores throw out food at the end of the day, so you can either take the route to the trash, or contact your local store Manager and come a few minutes before closing. For example, over-ripe banana that no one wanted to buy can be your Breakfast.

6. Take a vacation at Christmas to save on gifts

The holidays can mean excessive costs, especially if you hold them a big family, where everyone is waiting for a gift. Try to go somewhere instead. You will save money and get rid of a headache, and most importantly – rest.

7. Freeze dry products

You have probably heard that frozen coffee maintains its freshness, but did you know that frozen for two weeks flour can stay fresh for another two years? The same goes for sugar, cereals and baking mixes.

8. Prepare detergent alone

Vinegar and baking soda can give almost the same effect as the purchased assets. Before you run to the store, try making your own cleaning products at home. This is best and they are less toxic and cheaper.

9. Teach your cat to potty

The average cost of cat litter is $ 165 per year. This is more than $ 1500 for the entire cat life. One of the ways to save on your pet to teach it to the cat potty.

10. Make permanent makeup

At Mint.comthe average woman spends more than $ 15 000 dollars on cosmetics for life. This is more than enough to buy a second-hand car. One solution is to get permanent makeup. The procedure costs from $ 400 to $800.

11. Wash in the shower

Instead just wash their hands or take a shower, try something else to wash. From the point of view of saving water, for 10 minutes of showering uses as much water as a washing machine for one wash.

12. Use the fridge and the freezer for food products

Clothes, lipstick, candles and batteries are stored for longer if they are kept cold. However, the cost to be especially careful with some of your favorite products for beauty. For example, cold can make unusable nail Polish.

13. Go to Mexico for dental procedures

Not all go to Mexico to relax on the beach with margaritas. According to the Washington Post, thousands of Americans travel to Mexico each year dentists. Their services are a quarter of the price you pay in America. Many of these dentists were trained in America, so the work will be high quality.

14. Freeze in the freezer your credit card

You don’t necessarily need to go to the Bank to freeze your credit card. Just place the card in the freezer yourself. So you make a Pact with myself about not using cards. No, the option of thawing is not allowed.

15. Sell hair

This option is suitable for women. If your hair is not damaged and the length of 25 cm, you can sell them and earn up to $ 4000.

16. Sell blood

Yes, you can donate blood or plasma to charity, and can earn from $50 to $200 for blood donation in a private center. Most of the centres allows you to donate blood 2 times a week.