16 dead and at least 30 wounded: the second consecutive bloody weekend in Chicago

Monday, June 1, authority Chicago (Il) stated that during the weekend (30-31 may) across the city as a result of incidents involving the use of firearms, there were 16 deaths and at least 30 wounded. This writes Fox News.

16 погибших и не менее 30 раненых: вторые подряд кровавые выходные в Чикаго

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One of the incidents was associated with the shooting in the car, which killed two men. They were shot in the head and declared dead at the scene.

For five months of this year as a result of acts of violence in Chicago killed 191 people. Most of the deaths were the result of the shooting.

This is the second weekend in a row when the city is faced with cruelty. Weekend during memorial Day weekend (may 23-25) this year became one of the deadliest for many years in the metropolis, then it was 10 dead and 39 wounded.

Exacerbated the situation with the brutality protests surrounding the death of George Floyd.

The Governor of the state John. B. Pritsker mobilized 375 National guard soldiers of Illinois, to help with the overlap of the streets. By evening, the Chicago transit authority has suspended all bus and rail, “at the request of officials of the public security.” Metra, the commuter rail Agency, zone, has suspended service due in part to “the security of the population and employees”.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot said in an interview that “it is not easy to call the guard.”

“The national guard has a certain optics, must have a certain level of equipment. We don’t want to waste this resource and ensure that we use it only when you really need it,” she said.

Lightfoot asked residents to help the police to respond to dangerous incidents.

“People know who the arrow. These cowards can’t give no shelter,” she said.