16 pounds of onions per year will save you from colon cancer

Chinese scientists have proved that regular consumption of different types of onions reduces the likelihood of dangerous cancer — colorectal cancer. About how many onions you need to eat to protect against cancer, writes the overseas edition of Food News.

16 килограммов лука в год спасут от рака толстой кишки

Researchers from China analyzed the data obtained on the basis of observations over eight hundred patients with colorectal cancer and compared them with data shared by healthy people of the same age. Focusing on the differences that could lead to the development of colorectal cancer, the researchers drew attention to the use of the bow.

“Research has shown that a very effective tool for prevention of colorectal cancer is onions. We are talking about different types of onions, which should be consumed regularly and in sufficient quantity. In your diet should be at least sixteen pounds of onions a year,” — say the authors of the study.

Not so long ago, oncologists from the USA published a study which shows that in developed countries recorded a surge in the incidence of colorectal cancer among people of twenty to forty-nine years. A likely reason for the surge in the incidence of cancer of the rectum is the popularity of fast food, unjustified use of antibiotics (especially in early age), and lack of physical activity.