16 products that worth to buy in Macy’s: and 6, of which it is desirable to avoid

Macy’s, one of the oldest and largest chain of Department stores in the country, has long been a favorite place to buy everything you need, from blenders to designer clothes. This writes the Business Insider.

16 товаров, которые стоит купить в Macy's: и еще 6, которых желательно избегать

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Since its founding in 1858, Macy’s has established itself not only as a significant part of the American retail market, but also as a pop culture icon thanks to such events as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade at Macy’s and classic movies such as “Miracle on 34th street.”

Today Macy’s continues to be a one-stop shop and a popular place for shopping. “Macy’s not only offers a huge range of products, from clothing to appliances, but also makes an incredible promotion,” said Sarah Skirball, an expert on shopping and trends in RetailMeNot.

With so many items to choose from it can be hard to find the best deals. Therefore, the list of 16 products that you can buy in Macy’s, and six to skip will help you.

Do not buy: great electronics

In the words of Trey Bode, expert shopping and the founder of Truetrae.com just because Macy’s sells electronics, does not necessarily mean that you have to buy it.

“Macy’s offers good prices on electronics, and they do not often have a choice in this category,” — said Bag Business Insider. — It is better to shop at Best Buy, Walmart or Target”.

Not worth buying: small electronics

Is cases and small electronics. Better avoid it and buy something more interesting and at a good price.

You can buy the products of private brands Macy’s

BOJ said that we should not lose sight of the line of private brands Macy’s, which usually not only incredibly stylish but also cheap.

“There are a few affordable fashion brands, exclusives for Macy’s like Alfani for men and women, and Epic Threads for kids, said BOJ. — Fun clothing for the whole family that cannot be found elsewhere”.

You can buy: small kitchen appliances

Macy’s ideal to buy small kitchen appliances such as mixers, blenders and toasters.

Macy’s offers all the kitchenware from Cutlery to small household appliances and utensils: deep fryer, slow cooker, pots and pans. In addition, these items often do discounts.

Skip: big appliances

However, on the other hand, Macy’s offers a large selection in the category of large kitchen appliances. So buying a kitchen stove or a dishwasher it is better to make in another store.

You can buy: furniture

Macy’s is a good place to look for furniture that is not only beautiful and well made, but sold at competitive prices.

You can buy: bags

From Macy’s large selection of quality suitcases from leading brands that you should take a trip.

You can buy: silver

Experts recommend to apply it in Macy’s high quality silver utensils.

You can buy: service

The shop also is a great place to buy the sets.

You can buy: outdoor wear

At Macy’s there are a wide range of branded coats and jackets, including The North Face, Calvin Klein, and Guess, which you can often find at a bargain price.

This is a difficult category to remain competitive, and Macy’s does just that. You can find cheaper products online, but Macy’s huge range of products, which they often sell discounts.

Do not buy fitness products

Although Macy’s and sells fitness equipment, buyers should probably look for them elsewhere, given that the seller is not specializiruetsya on goods for training. This is especially true if you are looking for a specific product for exercise, given the limited range of Macy’s .

You can buy: designer clothes

Macy’s may not have a collection as more specialized stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue or a subsidiary of Bloomingdale’s, but there is an impressive collection of designer clothes. In addition, you can find products at considerable discounts.

You can buy: cosmetics

The beauty departments in Macy’s is quite large, and many brands have promotions where you can get free products or samples.

You can buy: perfume

The same applies to eau de Parfum and eau de toilette.

You can buy: wedding gifts

In addition, you can also get 5% discount on such goods.

You can buy: bedding

In General, the shopping experts were unanimous in saying that the bedding is a good choice to buy Macy’s.

Not worth buying: products brand Dyson

It is better to buy certain brands such as Dyson, in other places, as they rarely, if ever, do discounts.

Do not buy: Apple products

Will also be hard to find Apple products at a discount.

You can buy: bags

At Macy’s you’ll find many designer bags and purses, many of which are sold at discounted rates.

You can buy: bed linen and towels

“At Macy’s there are a lot of offers and brands for everything you need, from sheets and comforters to towels and bath mats, — said Sarah Skirball, an expert on shopping trends in RetailMeNot. — In addition, January is one of the best times of the year for shopping, so watch out for discounts.”

You can buy: children’s clothing

Clothes for little man, which is constantly growing, not cheap, but Macy’s usually has tons of cheap clothes for children.

You can buy: exclusive collection of home goods

Macy’s wide selection of exclusive collections from celebrities such as Martha Stewart, which you will not find in other places.

“Because these products are not sold in other stores, one of the best things, which you should try, is an exclusive Macy’s brands such as Martha Stewart and Hotel Collection, said of the Skirball. — There are 23 different brand and they cover a wide range of categories from home decor and accessories to clothing and much more.”