170 temperature records: US waiting for the anomalous cold

According to meteorologists, the cold of this week is just the beginning, compared with the decrease in temperature that awaits Americans next week. These cold will be a record, writes USA Today.

170 температурных рекордов: США ждет аномальное похолодание

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“The national weather service predicts a potential 170 daily record low temperatures from Monday to Wednesday, 11-13 November, wrote Weather Channel meteorologist Jonathan Erdman. — November with a taste of January.”

The temperature drop due to cold front passage through Central and Eastern part of the United States Sunday, November 10, through Tuesday, November 12.

The Weather Channel reports that the front will quickly pass through the Northern Plains and upper Midwest on Sunday, November 10 in the Southern Plains and Ohio valley on Monday, November 11, and then through much of the East coast and deep South on Tuesday, November 12.

This may be the coldest Day of veterans in the entire history of observations in cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis, according to the Weather Channel.

By Tuesday, possible record cold in the northeast, Ohio valley and South. Highs temperatures will reach 30 degrees f (-1,1 C) in the southern States such as Alabama.

In Florida the temperature will reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1,1 Celsius).

The thermometer can fall below zero Fahrenheit (-17,8 Celsius) down to the Gulf coast. According to AccuWeather, the cold is severe in the Northern Plains where the temperature can fall below zero. Due to gusty winds in the region will be even colder, and residents need to reduce the time spent on the street.

According to AccuWeather, in addition to the cold, over the Central part of the United States can form a storm that will create appropriate conditions for the Central United States. Snow may fall in parts of Eastern and even southern United States.