18 hours nightmare: 200 passengers were taken hostage at the airport in new York because of the weather. VIDEO


About 200 passengers of the Delta flight from new York JFK to Los Angeles experienced a nightmare due to the 18 hour flight delays for several reasons.

18 часов кошмара: 200 пассажиров оказались в заложниках в аэропорту Нью-Йорка из-за погоды. ВИДЕО

Photo: Depositphotos

Delta flight DL975 had to fly from new York on Wednesday, August 21, at 15:30, but due to mechanical problems and weather conditions, flew 18 hours – the next morning.

Initially, the flight was delayed for about an hour, but after a series of additional delay quickly turned into hour nightmare.

According to passengers, all only became worse due to poor communication and lack of customer service and convenience provided by Delta staff.

Among the passengers were several celebrities, including Beyonce’s mother Tina Knowles-Lawson, star of “Strangers” Dacre Montgomery and several of the actors from ABC’s “dancing with the stars.”

Emma Slater, a professional dancer in the show “dancing with the stars”, tweeted the video of dazed passengers, who said that after 8 hours of waiting they will not provide a hotel room for the night.

“Shame, wrote Slater. @Delta says hundreds of passengers on flight 975 (after waiting on the floor for a total of 8 hours and needed twice to get off the plane for many reasons including mechanical) that they do not provide the rooms in a hotel.”

Passengers are reported to be on time boarded the flight, but the initial delay was caused by a mechanical malfunction of the cargo door. After the mechanical problem was solved, the bad weather influenced the further delay. A few hours later, the plane returned to the gate because one of the pilots had worked the maximum number of hours prescribed by the FAA.

Passenger Eloise Moran said that the original Delta did not offer vouchers for dinner, but in the end did it after, as passengers around 1 a.m. again dropped out of a plane.

In a statement to Insider, Delta apologized to customers for the delay.

“Delta apologizes to customers on flight 975, flying from new York to Los Angeles, who was arrested last night because of the weather affecting the airspace in the North-East,” the statement said.