18 hours without water: during the flight to the U.S. on the plane died puppy

6-year-old boy is heartbroken that his beloved French bulldog Roger was killed during a flight in the US, when the airline left him without water for 18 hours. This writes The Sun.

18 часов без воды: во время перелета в США в самолете умер щенок

Photo: Depositphotos

According to the family, nine-month-old puppy was flying to Boston from Amsterdam on the plane of the Dutch airline KLM.

The family bought a charming dog Roger in Europe, their six year old son quickly became attached to him.

“It was his best friend and he was special, he had this animal for emotional support,” said the boy’s mother Andrea Covina.

But when they went to the oversized Luggage Department to pick up Roger after landing in the United States, they were told that the dog “did not survive the flight”.

The devastated family took the lifeless body of the puppy to the vet, who told them that he died from heat stroke and dehydration.

The autopsy report States that “difficulty breathing in stressful, hot and humid environment combined with the lack of water put Roger under high risk of heat stroke”.

A KLM representative said the company “took care” of Roger and “gave him due attention and care”.

They insisted that the dog was given food and water.

The airline said the bulldogs “are prone to respiratory diseases” and that the family had been warned about the risks associated with the journey Roger.

Press Secretary of the airline added: “We sincerely regret that the dog Roger died, and extend our condolences to his family for their loss.”

But the family seems unhappy with the response KLM and hired a lawyer.

Evan Oshan was represented by other animal lovers whose Pets died on airplanes.

It hired Michael Dellegrazie, whose Pomeranian was found dead after a flight aboard Delta Airlines in 2018.

He also represented the owners of the French bulldog, who had died earlier in the same year, when the flight attendant United Airlines ordered to remove the carriage with the dog on the Luggage rack.