180 kilometers from China has started a national football championship

В 180 километрах от Китая стартовал национальный чемпионат по футболу

On the eve of another state of Asia – Taiwan started the national championship in football. The tournament involved eight teams.

In the first round of a major victory was won by “Han Yuen”, defeated the “Tauchen Lyons” 4:0.

The Taiwan championship on football regularly since 1983 under the auspices of the Football Association of Taiwan.

Add that along with men’s started women’s football championship.

Note that in the first rounds of the season the matches will be played without spectators in the stadiums will be restricted to players, officials teams (coaches, doctors, administrators), as well as employees of the clubs.

In addition, before each match, all participants measure the temperature and conduct a test for the coronavirus.

Championship Taiwan is 900 km from Wuhan, where the end of 2019, an outbreak of a pandemic coronavirus.

In addition to Taiwan, now playing professionally in Tajikistan, Belarus, Nicaragua and Burundi.