2 main parties have promised to establish a panel on business illegally sentenced (PHOTOS)

2 основных партии пообещали создать коллегию по делам незаконно осужденных (ФОТО)

Today in Toronto, a human rights organization that is advocating for the reform of the justice system in the interests of the wrongfully convicted, will make a statement.

Representatives of the Innocence Canada reported that two of the main Federal parties in the country have pledged to create a special judicial panel to investigate wrongful convictions.

Representatives of the organization did not specify which party has assumed such an obligation, but the liberals have previously argued, I’d do it if reelected.

Representatives of the Innocence Canada explained that the Board will replace the current system, in which the subject has to convince the Federal Minister of justice that was illegally convicted/and.

Since 1989, cases of such Board was recommended in at least five public inquiries.

Today’s press conference will be held at noon, and it will be attended by David Milgard and Ronald Dalton, who was serving long prison terms for murders they did not commit.