20 exciting webcasts from around the world that will brighten up your quarantine

Quarantine — the time to relax and embark on a memorable virtual journey. On his page on Facebook travel Agency “Blue ocean” has collected a list of 20 interesting webcasts from around the world.

20 увлекательных веб-трансляций со всего мира, которые скрасят ваш карантин

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Choose what you care about and travel the globe.

  • Abbey road (London street on the cover the Beatles)
  • Niagara falls
  • Bright wedding chapel in Las Vegas (especially interesting here will be after the quarantine)
  • A nest of owlets
  • Jerusalem
  • Views of new York with the statue of Liberty
  • Turning the camera on the island of Hvar, Croatia
  • The Fremont street experience in Las Vegas
  • Streets of Amsterdam (you can hear the bell tower of the oldest Church of the city every 15 minutes)
  • Times square
  • Tropical reef
  • Sydney
  • The beach with penguins
  • Attacking bull on wall street
  • Eagle nest
  • Brooklyn bridge
  • Rescue centre for bears in Switzerland
  • Park with elephants in Bali
  • The beach of the Caribbean island of Aruba
  • The Lanzheron Beach, Odessa

If the camera is not working — it is in the time zone. Need to wait a bit, and the stream will begin again.

Will certainly go back to this camera again after the completion of the quarantine. Will be a very interesting contrast.



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