20 mistakes that in foreign restaurants even experienced travelers

Winter holidays in full swing and many are preparing suitcases for their travels. If you are going abroad, it is necessary to remember not only General rules rules: don’t talk with your mouth full, right to choose Cutlery, not to block the aisles, but that in each country there are local customs that can confound even the most experienced travelers. AdMe.ru believes that anyone who does not want to look ignorant, will always find an opportunity to consider and respect local customs.

20 ошибок, которые совершают в зарубежных ресторанах даже опытные туристы

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Of course, it is impossible to consider everything and to fully learn the foreign norms of etiquette. So its much forgiven.

Do not attempt to dine in Spain before 21:00

Even in restaurants on the table is served after 21:00. But if you eat and drink on the go trying to catch this evening somewhere else except for dinner, cause confusion of the Spaniards. Because they are in most cases not in a hurry.

In this country it is considered bad manners to sit next to the table that is already occupied by at least one visitor. As there do not accept separate checks, the company just pays for everything equally. So, sitting down beside someone, if you are trying to save money due to the “companion”.

No need to apologise, if you spill something on the tablecloth, Greece

The stain of the wine or food on the tablecloth in Greece is not a crime. Welcoming and relaxed demeanor at the table, the owner can himself pointedly to dirty the tablecloth.

And another thing: do not take only one dish. Best of all, but gradually. Here is usually ordered food for everyone at the table, and menus in restaurants generally can not see. Lots of offers to choose from what did you make today.

Never show visitors the Turkish cafe the soles of their shoes

In restaurants, in cafes sit at the table to the other were visible the midsole of your Shoe, is considered in Turkey a terrible insult. After all, those legs you walk on the ground, which means it’s the dirtiest place on your body.

Threat you might be and a good appetite. The more you can eat, the more you’ll please the master. He is obsequious to bring you all some new food, but God forbid you can’t finish everything to the last crumb.

By the way, wish good appetite is better not at the beginning and at the end of the meal.

Take your time to pay for lunch for the girl in a German café

Perhaps you will never go with a girl in a cafe or restaurant, but still know it’s worth: the fact that in other countries it’s considered good manners, the Germans adopted for the demonstration of the insolvency of the partner. Here in the course of the idiom “going Dutch”. It means “Everyone pays for itself”.

And never, repeat, never scold in Germany beer. It is for the Germans Holy. And especially the local beer, which is bottled only in this city. For example, Alt in düsseldorf, kölsch in Cologne or Berliner Kindl in Berlin. The Germans will boast a beer brewed in his native village, even if the taste is not better than “Baltic”.

Not to speak with people in French street cafe

The French people are sociable, but sometimes they want to be alone and enjoy the food to which the local a special relationship since the XIX century. Sometimes a trip to the shops — not just the process of satisfying hunger, but a ritual. And it is better not to meddle if you are not 100% sure that understand the rules.

And rules associated with food galore here. Importantly, all strictly by the hour. Breakfast — 7:30, lunch at 13:00 and dinner from 19:00. Drop by the café soon and won’t get anything other than pastries and coffee.

By the way, the French bread is not sliced and broken by hand. Is it the right way — pinching off small pieces.

Don’t be afraid to show independence in a Swedish cafe

Going into the cafe, do not wait when you will approach the waiter, order what you want, and need to pay directly at the counter, as it is mostly everywhere provides for self-service.

Curiously, in the buffet restaurant, once having paid the account, to take a Supplement free of charge.

The Swedes love to drink wine and beer, but the sale of spirits is carried out only in government establishments.

Do not order in Norway is more than one serving of food for Breakfast

Especially in the small Norwegian cities, going to local restaurants and cafes for Breakfast, it is worth considering that in the morning they can serve impressive meals. Those who are not used to a hearty Breakfast, it will be difficult to eat and it is better to order one dish for two, or even three.

By the way, weekends here are allowed to sell only weak alcoholic drinks and young people when visiting restaurants you should bring a passport.

Do not take or pass in Thailand serving with one hand

20 ошибок, которые совершают в зарубежных ресторанах даже опытные туристы

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Traditions in Thailand, as in any country in Asia, a great many. And Europeans don’t always get to understand them. So, to take and pass the food with one hand, especially the left, here it is considered indecent. Food and check it is better to take two hands. In General it is always better to take it with two hands — so you will not go wrong.

And thoroughly wash your hands before eating. Plug in a traditional Thai cafe serving rice, do not use. As an exception to eat certain dishes are allowed to take in the right hand a spoon.

Don’t sit at a table in a Chinese café, hands folded

In China and Korea it is arrogant to ask to give you food. Eating here is an active process, where all reach for food and feed each other. It is always better to offer first to others, then to take yourself. In the same convivial spirit, it is rude to refuse if someone offers you food or places it directly on your plate.

But in any case do not touch a whole fish. Flip it on the plate, especially in the fishing villages — then a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Well, remember sticks. As in Japan, knocking them into each other, stick to the food and pass food from chopsticks to chopsticks is not worth it. All this is associated with the local funerary rites.

Don’t assume that every friendly neighborhood in an American cafe will become your friend

In the US, a culture of small talk — small talk, nothing. For a couple of hours in the cafe, sitting at the same table with you, the local will tell all about his family and work, will question everything about you but then say “Good luck” and leave from your life forever.

And always leave a tip. Even if the service was not the best. The General rule is “double the tax” (leave the amount of the tax multiplied by 2).

And remember about the notorious American laws. So, in the state of Indiana more recently, it was impossible to eat watermelon in parks, and in Georgia, a man was almost arrested for eating fried chicken with a fork. It is always better to know such rules in advance.

Don’t take the food in Nepal left hand

As in other Muslim countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia, in Nepal, many of the dishes have taken arms, but just right. Left hand is reserved for performing certain hygienic procedures. In General, try to avoid the use of the left hand wherever possible.

By the way, so left-handed — a rarity in Asia. They are forced to retrain in school. It is believed that 10-12 % of Europe’s population is left — handed, in Asia, their number amounts to only 2-5 %.

Don’t be afraid to be late for lunch in Tanzania

If you are invited in cafe or restaurant is never come in time. According to local customs, if you respect a person, you should be late for 15-20 minutes. Better to arrive in loose clothing. Residents of Tanzania, including in many cafes, usually eat sitting on the floor.

In addition, traditional institutions, men are not allowed to eat together with the women and to cross the threshold of the kitchen. Hands after a meal here washed in a communal bowl, which together with a towel is passed around the circle.

As for ugali, a dish of thick corn porridge, it is a mandatory dish in any traditional institution, to give and receive it with your right hand.

Don’t ask people to pour tea to the brim, once in a café in Kazakhstan

20 ошибок, которые совершают в зарубежных ресторанах даже опытные туристы

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Guests especially welcome, there is never poured more than half of the Cup. So the owner shows you its location and proposes to extend the pleasure of intercourse, gradually adding to your mug. If you poured tea to the brim is a hint that you should go.

The people of Kazakhstan drink tea about 6 times a day. And only hot because they believe that cold drinks you can get sick.

Never let the fork from hand to Chile

The Chileans never eat with their hands. Even the French fries from fast food, they will prick with a fork. The same goes for pizza, chicken nuggets, wings and everything else that the Europeans usually eat without Cutlery. And better not even to lick after eating with a fork or knife: the local is considered indecent.

And yet Chileans are very punctual. Dinner is served strictly at 20:00, not before.

Never zokaites beer glasses in the Hungarian cafe

In Hungary you can not avoid oblique views, if friends suddenly decided to clink beer steins. And it’s not that Hungarians do not like loud noises. Just local still remember that in the XIX century by the Austrians, having suppressed the Hungarian uprising, celebrated their victory with beer. Since such action is considered disrespectful. But to move the glasses with wine or champagne it is permitted.

Do not leave your glass full at a traditional feast in Georgia

If you jumped in the Georgian cafe or restaurant during the traditional feast – “supra” — remember, the wine is only drink during a toast and gulp. Glasses full are not. It is considered disrespectful to others. But do not worry: to touch during such a feast will not work. To him specially selected small glasses.

Never eat in Mexico a Taco with a fork and knife

If you’re worried about what can stain a shirt refried beans and salsa — think about what, on the other hand, keeping clothes clean, you risk to seem the locals big snapper. Mexicans think that eating tacos with a fork and knife silly and arrogant — like eating a hamburger, armed with silverware.

Don’t forget to shake at the end of the Cup when you drink coffee in a traditional café in the middle East

Otherwise, you will continue to refill the drink. Eastern people religiously observe the ancient traditions and customs. Including the manner of the Bedouins to drink dear guest fresh coffee. Drink this in this case is a symbol of mutual respect between host to guest and guest to host. So you can drink it almost indefinitely. In order to give a sign that you’ve had enough, quite a few times to shake the Cup, turning the brush. But if you wave with your whole arm, this will mean that you require supplements.

Do not leave on the table in the national Brazilian restaurants your green badge

Churrascaria — a traditional Brazilian restaurant where you pay the entrance fee and eat as much as you want. The waiter gives visitors 2 tokens, green and red. Green says you can submit dishes; if the power is already there, put a red chip on the table, and peddlers with new skewers to you no longer fit. Do not forget to remove the green badge, fascinated by the meat.