’20 restaurants in one’: next to the White house restaurant is open Immigrant Food

In Washington, the Immigrant restaurant offers Food that celebrates immigrants by mixing cuisines from different countries. Here the visitors can become volunteers in local organizations that support immigrants.

'20 ресторанов в одном': рядом с Белым домом открывается ресторан Immigrant Food

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The chef of the Enira Limardo decided to develop a menu for a restaurant, “rethinking the relocation to America in the form of food.”

“This is similar to the pooling of 20 different restaurants in one,” said chef Food & Wine. Soon, Limardo succeeded, and on November 12 will be the Grand opening of a fast food restaurant Immigrant Food half a block from the White house.

'20 ресторанов в одном': рядом с Белым домом открывается ресторан Immigrant Food

Photo: immigrantfood.com

The chef will offer a menu of dishes that combine the cooking methods and tastes of the largest immigrant groups in Washington. Accordingly, the menu is ambitious.

Dish The Viet Vibes combined Vietnamese and Caribbean cuisine. It includes the chicken with spices adobo, spicy rice noodles, Kale, diced mango, peanuts and spicy sauce fo vinaigrette.

Dish The Mumbai Mariachi influenced by the cuisines of Mexico, India and Greece. It’s a steak, rubbed with spices, cabbage, mango sauce chipotle of smoky mango.

To combine dishes that are rarely compatible, Limardo studied “every country, every ingredient, every spice”. He had literally found a connection between the migrations.

He began with Ethiopia and El Salvador — the two countries with the largest populations of immigrants in the district of Columbia, looking for their connection methods.

“I was inspired by the Ethiopian lentils — taste profile is slightly sweet and spicy. I went to El Salvador and found that they used a dressing of pumpkin seeds. Aroma of pumpkin seeds goes well with the spiciness and sweetness of the lentils”. Get the dish Columbia Road, with grains of Ethiopian lentils, pickled flower buds larocca (edible flowers) and a little Salvadoran cheese.

'20 ресторанов в одном': рядом с Белым домом открывается ресторан Immigrant Food

Photo: Depositphotos

Limardo will open the restaurant in partnership with Ezequiel Vazquez-Ger and a political adviser to Peter Schechter. Schechter said he “wants to help in the fight against growing anti-immigrant sentiment” and then continued: “the Idea was to open a restaurant that truly celebrates the history of America, that is the story of immigrants.”

Also on the menu are a variety of international teas and sodas. In addition, Immigrant Food will offer visitors to register to contribute or to volunteer for five local organizations servicing immigrants. After hours, the restaurant gives the place that non-profit organizations to conduct English lessons, seminars, legal consultations and more.

“We want to make our space available when the need arises in one of these organizations,” said Schecter.

The space is definitely designed by the architects Maidan Michelle Beauvais and Sommer Moore Design Case. Materials, colours and structure of the restaurant reflect the culture dishes presented in the menu. It has everything from low tables in the middle East, to tables, common in a European beer garden, and seats with legs crossed.

“We Emilis page to create a restaurant that reflects how steep the immigrants and how they are fundamental to the economy, culture, lifestyle,” — said at the end Schecter.