20 secrets that employees of the airports don’t tell the passengers

From the moment you enter into the airport and before landing a few hours the travellers and Luggage are under constant control. All preflight procedures right now are a compromise between security and speed the processing of passengers. This writes AdMe.ru.

20 секретов, которые работники аэропортов не рассказывают пассажирам

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The imager allows to identify a person with a high temperature directly in a moving stream.

Using a thermal scanner monitor body temperature to prevent sick passengers on Board. Particularly careful monitoring is carried out during outbreaks of influenza. The instrument determines the temperature of the human body at a distance of 10 m with an accuracy of 0.1°.

Some airports are profilers — specialists who pay attention to gestures, facial expressions, and behaviors of passengers and on the basis that reveal potentially dangerous.

Scanners, are designed for the inspection of the citizens, is completely safe. Hospital x-ray machine produces about 600 microsieverts, and modern scanners for the screening does not exceed the threshold of 0.5 microsieverts.

The CCTV footage of the hall handles a computer program that can assess the emotional state and to convert the slightest movement of the person in color indicators: green lot — the passenger safe, more red — a reason to stop him to check.

Plastic trays in the area of inspection — the dirtiest items at the airport. Scientists found in samples taken from them, 10 different respiratory viruses, including influenza A virus and more than 100 pathogens.

For security one of the most suspicious clothing items and the reason for additional testing can become loose cargo pants with patch pockets and long skirts or dresses.

The security service also definitely will strain the mention of weapons, even in jest, suspiciously large amount of cash and if you will be hysteria about the upcoming flight, sweating, nervous.

The passenger, whose bizarre hairstyle or carefully braided hair, most likely will be invited for additional screening because the comb design on the head can conceal weapons.

It is better to answer the questions: “Where are we going?”, “What are you taking?” and “why?” — the most informative and calm.

If the officer looking at your passport and ticket, asked: “Where are we going?” — he’s not kidding. It’s part of profiling is a method of checking behavior to identify suspicious people. If you overreact or respond tentatively, this will be an occasion for further control. If you have not done anything illegal, but just nervous because of all the suspicions and inspections, confess it to the employee. After that, he more likely to find you less suspicious and even, perhaps, soothe.

So as not to attract the attention of security, it is better to do without Bobby pins Bobby pins for hair. If there will be too much, the detector will react, and large metal bracelets and necklaces.

Suspicious persons sent to spectometer with the scanner, which shines literally through to the internal organs. Early scanners were given more and an anatomically-detailed image, but now you can not worry: modern devices show the controller only foreign objects and hide not interesting reliefs of the body.

If you try to smuggle something forbidden, you will not be able to take the item back. The seized things shall be managed by the aviation security service. Part disposed, sometimes sold at auction.

To avoid errors, the security personnel usually change their positions every 30 minutes. They will not long to do the scanning, checking of tickets, as too long run the same monotonous operation may cause the system security will miss something. Such a switch enables agents to be in good shape.

The security personnel are not only using the official code words, but also inventing their own. For example, they secretly notify each other about attractive passengers, saying “Papa hotel” or a specific number, or warn each other about annoying people, using innocent sounding terms.

Just before the entrance to the checkpoint agent airport security may mark your boarding pass with a special sign to inform other employees that you have to pass additional testing.

In orange are indicated the tissue and water, green — metallic elements, blue — electronic devices.

Luggage and hand Luggage is checked with x-ray installation, which, by the way, can not cope with objects wrapped in foil. It blocks x-rays, and therefore it seems only dark spot on the screen of the controller. You will be asked to open the bag and show Packed thing.

Animals, working at the airport, it’s kind of canine SWAT, because there are severe conditions of service: a large crowd of people, constant noise and an abundance of smells. These dogs are not only looking for illegal substances, but also large bundles of banknotes and products of animal origin, which may be smuggling.

The dog, which will suspect will not bark loudly, scaring the others. She uses subtle body language, for example, you may wag his tail to tell about the threat. Thus, when detected a suspicious odor, the canine has the time to signal without arousing suspicion potentially hazardous traveler.

At the end of the inspected flight dog need encouragement. To do this, lay special training baggage, which is a simulator of smell of a prohibited substance. When the dog finds it, he gets a favorite toy. It is necessary that the animal has not lost interest in the work. Services airport security, it is very important that the dog was always in good shape. To do this, the building periodically walks the man with the simulator of smell. If the dog smelled something suspicious, it sends a sign to the handler.

Specifically to work at the airport output the whole breed. For example, a breeder of “Aeroflot” was bred dog Sulimova, or the people “salika”, — Olenegonkas a mixture of dog and Jackal. And those and other instincts are better than normal dogs, and in addition, the jackals tolerate the heat, and Lapland dogs — cold.


While you relax in the waiting room, Luggage rushes at great speed on a roller-coaster, the huge belt, where the automatic sorting. At major airports the length of this attraction is 3 km away.

During scanning of Luggage security will strain the packaging of coffee: it is a classic way of masking the smell of illegal substances. If you are planning to fly with items of unusual shape, such as a stapler or long candlesticks, they just seem suspicious during the scan.

Every time the Luggage attach a sticker with a unique barcode. If you decide to leave such a memory of the previous flight, there’s a chance that Luggage will be lost. At the same time, the system is able to distribute the Luggage to fifty aircraft and by scanning the next tag can easily send a suitcase is not there. By the way, to lose Luggage less. According to SITA, an international IT provider industry, which monitors the transportation of baggage, the total number of lost Luggage has declined from 46.9 mn in 2007 to 24.8 million in 2018. And this at a time when the number of passengers increased by almost half.

If your bag looked suspicious and opened it, it should hang a special sticker, which will indicate that your Luggage has undergone additional inspection.

Before getting into the plane, your Luggage will be scanning introscope. A suspicious bag 4 are subjected to additional checks, including using computed tomography and diffraction setup.

Often, despite the availability of modern devices, hand baggage inspect people. This is due to the fact that many substances are difficult to distinguish from each other when scanning.

For example, musical greeting cards for scanners similar to the bombs, and honey or a big wheel of cheese can look like and the liquid explosive.

Porters at the airport and raise the slack to 125 thousand bags per year. In their opinion, the most likely cause of lost Luggage is late arrivals at the airport. You security check in half an hour, but the control of suitcases may not be enough time and they will not get on the plane.

If you still want to lug heavy Luggage or you have no choice, leave the tag with the weight of Luggage for porters: you snap, they are nice.

Most of the porters at the airport annoy overflowing bags crammed with stuff. Often during transport, the lightning disperses and things fall out, back them already tamped movers. Worse only liquids in small side pockets. They stem, crushed, pouring even and the neighboring Luggage.

Have Luggage with comfortable handles more likely to remain intact. Ideally, the handle should be at the top and bottom. The bags the porters take the first one and gently put in the Luggage compartment. Another way to protect the Luggage — not to make it too heavy. It is better to take 2 suitcases less than 1 heavy. Most bags that are damaged during loading, weigh more than 20 kg.

20 секретов, которые работники аэропортов не рассказывают пассажирам

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The tower has several jobs: managing the surface movement on the field and managing landing and take-off tracking between earth and approaches. Each has its own area. In order that the objects don’t hit each other, all must communicate with each other. The actions of senior managers following the change, which monitors the load and the adequacy of the teams, and the head of operations.

Despite the availability of special equipment, all dispatchers are trained and meteorology. If the machine fails, they find out the direction and speed of wind with the help of supplies a wind sock. And in order to determine the level of visibility, managers look for specific landmarks: adjacent buildings, water towers, cell towers.

If breaks in the control room radio, an employee from the tower sends a green beam into the cockpit, letting him know that the plane can land. If the runway is interference, the signal change to flashing red, and the pilot understands that the landing is unsafe.

One side are dozens of dispatchers. It seems that the sky a lot of space, but it is not: it is as if the honeycomb is divided into sections, and each of them has its own route and intersections. In the airspace of the huge number of tracks, depending on their length and the number of crossings of the whole sky is divided into sectors of different lengths. For example, if the plane is flying from Vnukovo to Kaluga, it leads to 7 people.

Manager needs to train the voice. In ordinary life he can speak quietly and indistinctly, but its voice changes as the speaker in front of the camera. It is necessary that the information that dispatchers radio was clear and understandable.

The right of choice of language rests with the Manager, but if the crew of the Russian airline speak in English, the same language he will answer and Manager. There are rules under which all use the standard phrases, however managers recognised that there are occasions when it is necessary to deviate from the rules and use of everyday expressions.

One of the most dangerous situations is called a “pancake”: when a plane starts to run, and the other decides to go to the 2nd round. In such a situation it is important for the Manager to quickly respond and turn the Board, leaving on the 2nd round because his speed more.

Every 2 hours the Manager is obliged to rest. Averaged out to 20 minutes. For relaxation there is a special room with sofas and a TV. You can go to drink coffee, to lie, to talk, to walk, to read. In the building there is a gym, but it is not recommended to use it during work.

The airport of the future

Robots guides Incheon airport, after scanning the boarding pass escort lost or late the traveler to the departure gate.

Recently presented platform which can detect explosives hidden in the shoes of people standing in line for the security check. Scanner Shoe uses mesh sensing electrode for the analysis of the Shoe and its contents.

Work is progressing on the merging of artificial intelligence with a more sensitive version of the millimeter-wave scanners, which are already used in airports. This will allow passengers to pass through the scanners with full pockets, and the security service to identify hidden threats.

Passengers will eliminate the need to remove electronics and liquids from bags during security checks. Artificial intelligence will be able to analyze how a typical laptop, and discerns whether it was amended to contain content that the system never saw in any other laptop before.

Developed an environmentally friendly version of the traditional tray of food. The Foundation is made of coffee beans, a salad bowl made of pressed banana leaf, and spoon and fork from coconut wood, cheap and readily available material.

Invented a system called MagRay, based on scanning technology developed for medical applications. It is a combination of x-rays and nuclear magnetic resonance, which is used in MRI scanning. Two methods are combined to distinguish common liquids from threat.

The robots will be able to take passengers ‘ Luggage to the front door. This robot, developed by SITA, is testing, for example, the airport in Geneva. The device allows the passenger to self-scan their boarding passes to put bags in the cargo compartment of the robot and attach them printed robot tag. Robotic terminal opened at the airport in Singapore. Passengers can use automated reception and baggage, passport control with the technology of facial recognition.