20 years later: there was a woman free to feed the little Cristiano Ronaldo burgers

20 лет спустя: нашлась женщина, бесплатно кормившая маленького Криштиану Роналду бургерами

Former employee of “McDonald’s” Paula Leca (pictured) responded to an interview with five-time winner of the “Golden ball” Cristiano Ronaldo, in which the player described how his childhood evenings were fed free burgers. The famous football player for many years looking for a stranger to gratitude, to invite her to dinner.

“The guys showed up at the restaurant, and when we have leftover burgers, we were allowed to give their young players. One of the boys was Cristiano Ronaldo, and he was probably the most timid of guys. It happened almost every night.

I still laugh when I think about it now. I already told my son but he decided that I was making up, because he could not imagine that his mother once gave Ronaldo hamburgers. My husband already knew about it, because sometimes he picked me up from work in the evenings and also saw Cristiano. Now it’s funny to remember events that happened so long ago.

This situation shows modesty Ronaldo. At least now everyone knows that this is not fiction. If he invited me to dinner, I’ll come, of course. The first thing I’d thanked him, and then we could reminisce about the old days”, — quotes Paulo Leku The Sun with reference to radio Renascenca.


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