2020 presidential election: Biden first won a democratic primary

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, who until recently was considered the favorite in the election race, the Democrats, got their first major victory. It is with great separation won the party primaries in South Carolina, writes the BBC.

Президентские выборы 2020: Байден впервые выиграл праймериз демократов

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This is the first of the southern States, where great importance is the voice of the blacks and the Spanish-speaking community.

Biden gained 48.4% of votes, ahead of Bernie Sanders 19.9% and billionaire, Tom Stayer 11.3%.

However, before the final selection of the candidate of the Democratic party is still far. It would be important to have a “Super Tuesday” on March 3, when primaries will be held in 14 States.

In July the name of the candidate-the opponent’s trump will be announced at the party Congress.

According to the correspondent of Russian service bi-Bi-si Cyril from Washington Belyaninova, before the start of pre-election of 77-year-old Joe Biden was considered the leader of the race among Democrats.

According to sociologists, it could be a probable opponent of trump’s election in November 2020. Despite such predictions, the first primaries in Iowa, new Hampshire and Nevada — Biden lost. And the first place in the race, Democrats took independent Senator Bernie Sanders, whom the US considered a supporter of socialist views.

During a meeting with his supporters, Joe Biden said that the vote in South Carolina gave a new start of his campaign.

“Only a few days ago the press and politicians said that my campaign is over. Now, thanks to all of you who support the Democratic party, we won. And we’re back to life!” he said.

Президентские выборы 2020: Байден впервые выиграл праймериз демократов

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The other contenders from the Democratic party, former mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhich, senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar left far behind the race leaders.

The main reason is the demography of the state where African Americans make up a significant part of the population. According to them, Joe Biden, who was the first in the history of the United States Vice President under President of African-American origin, is better than other candidates.

It also became known that the billionaire, Tom Stayer, who appeared as an independent candidate and only spent on television advertising in South Carolina, $ 22 million, decided to withdraw his candidacy by refusing to take part in the race.

Another billionaire, former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, who did not participate in the previous primaries, this time failed to be among the leaders in the race. However, his campaign headquarters announced that the businessman has no plans to give up and will participate in the next primaries.

There is one person that Biden should be especially grateful for the success, is Congressman James I believe Cliburn, an influential voice in the negroe community of the state, which last Wednesday supported former Vice-President.

Exit polls show that support for the Cliburn has become a major factor for approximately half of the voters of the state — and probably one of the reasons why Biden received so many votes of African Americans.

If he can demonstrate something like that in other States, it can impose Bernie Sanders a serious fight.


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